A primer of Ecclesiastical Latin Chapter One Vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
wateraqua, aquae, f.
supper, dinnercena, cenae, f.
blame, faultculpa, culpae, f.
teaching, doctrinedoctrina, doctrinae, f.
church, assemblyecclesia, ecclesiae, f.
household, familyfamilia, familiae, f.
glorygloria, gloriae, f.
grace, favor, creditgratia, gratiae, f.
thanks pl. gratia, gratiae, f.
hourhora, horae, f.
Massmissa, missae, f.
naturenatura, naturae, f.
popepapa, papae. m.
earth, land, ground terra, terrae, f.
lifevita, vitae, f.

Section 2

Question Answer
to, toward, for (the purpose of ) atad - accusative
from, away froma, ab, abs - ablative
in the presence of coram - ablative
from, down from, about, concerning de - ablative
from, out of e, ex - ablative
andet - ablative
into, onto, against, forin - accusative
in, on, among, by means of, with in - ablative
in front of, in behalf of, for, instead of , on behalf of pro
and (enclitic) que
without sine - accusative
above, upon, oversuper - accusative
about, concerning super - ablative

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