A&P Spring Final (CCS)

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The following couple would not have to worry about their child having erythroblastosis fetalis because Both are Rh Positive, both Rh negative, their first child was Rh negative
In order for thrombin to be formed Calcium must be present
The "universal recipient" blood type isType AB
What is a granular leukocytemonocyte
Which white blood cells are phagocytes?Monocytes
Vitamin K stimulates the liver to increase production ofProthrombin
Anemia can be cause byToo few red blood cells and too little hemoglobin in the blood cells
Which of the describes the layer of a test tube of bloof that has been spun down in a centrifugePlasma, buffy coat, red blood cells
Injury to a blood vessel or damage to a platelet can cause the formation ofProthrombin Activator
The "universal donor" blood type isType O
The blood type that has antigen A on the cell and anti-B antibody in the plasma isType A
A thrombus isA clot which stays where is was formed
Which white blood cells directly attack microbes or germs?T lymphocytes
Another term for white bloods cells isLeukocytes
The approx. number of red blood cells in a cubic millimeter of blood is5,000,000
At the point of injury, plateletsBecome sticky and accumulate near the opening
Which white blood cells produce antibodiesB lymphocytes
LeukipeniaIs characteristic of people with AIDS
Another term for red blood cells isErythrocytes
PlasmaCarries almost all of the food to the cells
A patient with a thicker than normal buffy coat may haveAn infection or leukemia
Another term for platelets isThrombocytes
ErythroblastosisOccurs with an Ph-positive baby and Ph-negative mother
Polycythemia can be cause byToo many red blood cells being made
The red blood Assists in transporting carbon dioxide to the lungs, contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen, has a unique shape to increase its surface area
Which white blood cells secrete heparinBasophils
Myeloid tissue isAlso called red bone marrow and it's important in the formation of blood cells
Plasma contains Digested food, metabolic waste products, and proteins
Red bone marrow is found in greatest amounts in the Sternum and hipbone
Pernicious anermia is caused byLack of vitamin B12
Which white blood cells help protect the body from parasitesEosinophils
The red blood cells Have no nucleus
In the final step in the blood clotting processThrombin reacts with fribrinogen to form fibrin
The blood type with no antigens on the blood cells and both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma istype O
SerumIs made from blood plasma

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The heart is located Mostly to the left of the midline of the sternum