A&P muscle insertions and origins

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(Spine) IllicostalisO- Vertebrospinal ribs. I- tp middle&inferior cervical vertebrae. M- extends or laterally flexes neck, elevates ribs.
Longissiumus O-tp thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. I- Mastoid process, cervical vertebrae and tp thoracic ribs. M- extends head and vertebral column.
Spinalis O-ligamentum nuchae and thoracic and superior lumbar v. I- sp of axis and superior thoracic v. M- Extends neck and vertebral column.

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(Thorax) External intercostal O- Inferior border of each rib. I- Superior surface of inferior ribs. M- Elevate ribs.
Internal intercostal O- Superior border of each rib. I- Inferior border of the preceding rib. M- Depress ribs.
DiaphragmO- Xiphoid process, cartilages of ribs 4-10, lumbar vertebrae. I- central tendinous sheet. M- expands thoracic cavity.

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(Abdominal muscles) Rectus abdominisO- superior surface pubic around symphysis. I- Inferior surfaces of costal cartilages(ribs 5-7)& xiphoid process. M-Depresses ribs, flexes v column, compresses abdomen.
External ObliqueO- ex/in borders of ribs 5-12. I- linea alba &iliac crest . M- compresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes/bends spine.
Internal ObliqueO- Thoracolumbar fascia and iliac crest. I- Inferior ribs, xiphoid process, linea alba. M- compresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes and bends spine.
Transverse abdominisO- Cartilages of ribs 6-12, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia. I- Linea alba and pubis. M-compresses abdomen.

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(Shoulder-posterior) Trapezius O- Occipital bone, ligamentum nuchae and sp of thoracic v. I- Clavicle and scapular. M- move scapula, elevate clavicle, extend neck.
Rhomboids-O- (major) sp thoracic v, (minor) sp of vertebrae (C7-T1) . I- Vertebral border of scapula. M- Adducts scapula and performs downward rotation.
Levator scapulaO- Tp first 4 cervical v. I- vertebral border of scapula near superior angle. M- Elevates scapula.

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(Shoulder-Anterior) Serratus anteriorO- Ant/superior margins of ribs (1-8/9) I- Anterior surface of vertebral border of scapula. M- Protracts shoulder
Pectoralis minor O- Ant/superior surface of ribs (2-4, or 2/3-5) I- Coracoid process of scapula.

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(Move the Arm) Pectoralis MajorO- Cartilages of ribs (2-6), sternum, inf/medial portion of clavicle. I- Greater tubercle/lateral lip of humerus. M- Flexion, adduction, medial rotation at shoulder.
Deltoid O- clavicle and scapula. I- Deltoid tuberosity of humerus. M- (whole) abduction at shoulder. (Anterior) flexion &medial rotation. (Posterior) extension and lateral rotation.

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(Rotator cuff muscles) SupraspinatusO- supraspinous fossa of scapula. I- greater tubercle of humerus. M- Abduction at the shoulder.
SubscapularisO- subscapular fossa of scapula. I- Lesser tubercle of humerus. M- Medial rotation at shoulder
Infraspinatus O- Infraspinous fossa of scapula. I- Greater tubercle of humerus. M- Lateral rotation at shoulder.
Teres MinorO- Lateral border of the scapula. I- Greater tubercle of humerus. M- Lateral rotation at shoulder.
Latissimus DorsiO- sp thoracic & lumbar v, ribs (8-12), thoracolumar fascia. I- intertubercular groove of humerus. M- Extension, adduction, medial rotation at shoulder.