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Section 1

Question Answer
Trapezius O occipital bone, spines of C7 & all thoracic vert
Trapezius I acromion, spinous process, lateral 3rd of clavicle
splenius capitis Ospinous process of C7-T6
splenius capitis Imastoid process, occipital bone, transverse C7-T6
Deltoid MPM: flexion, extension, & abduction; med. and lat, rotation
Deltoid IDeltoid tuberosity of the humerous
Deltoid Oacromion and scapular spine

Section 2

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Pectoralis Major MPM for flexion & adduction; medial rotation
Pectoralis Major Iintertubercular sulcus of humerous
Pectoralis Major Oclavicle, sternum, cartilage of ribs 1-6
pectoralis minor Icoracoid process of scapula
pectoralis minor Oanterior rib surface of ribs 3-5
serratus anterior Ilateral border of scapula
serratus Olateral aspect of ribs 1-8

Section 3

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external intercostals Isuperior border of the rib below
external intercostals Oinferior border of the rib above
Internal intercostals Iinferior border of the rib above
Internal intercostals Osuperior border of rib below
Diaphragm ICentral tendon
Diaphragm Oinferior border of the ribs, sternum: costal cartilage of last 6 ribs, lumbar, and vertebrae

Section 4

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transverse adominis Ilinea alba & pubic crest
transverse adominis Oiliac crest, cartilage of last 5/6 ribs, and lumbar fascia
Internal oblique Ilinea alba, pubic crest, & costal cartilage of last 3 ribs
Internal oblique Olumbar fascia, iliac crest, & inguinalligament
external oblique Ilinea alba, pubic crest and tubercles, & iliac crest
external oblique Oanterior surface of lower 8 ribs
rectus abdominus Ixiphoid process and costal cartilage of ribs 5-7
rectus abdominus Opubic crest and symphasis

Section 5

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Sternocleidomastoid IMastoid process of temporal bone
Sternocleidomastoid Omanubrium of sternum and medial portion of the clavicle
Platysma Ilower margin of mandible, skin, & muscles at corner of the mouth
Platysma Ofascia of chest and deltoid
masseter Iangle & ramus of mandible
masseter Ozygomatic arch and zygomatic bone

Section 6

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teres minor M PM for lat rotation
teres minor Igreater tubercle of humerous
teres minor Olateral portion of post, scapula
teres major Mextension, addduction, med. rotation
teres major Iintertuberclar sulcus of humerous
teres major Oinferior angle of scapula
Latissimus Dorsi MPM for extension and adduction: med. rotation
Latissimus Dorsi Iintertubercular sulcus of the humerous
Latissimus Dorsi Ospinous process of last 6 thoracic vert., lumbar vert,. last 3/4 ribs, and iliac crest

Section 7

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longissimus capitis Imastoid process
longissimus capitis Otransverse process of T1-5, articular process of C4-C7
Errector Spinae Iribs, transverse processes of vert and into mastoid process
Errector Spinae Oiliac crest, transverse process of lumbar, thoracic and cervical vert.
Semispinalis Capitis, Cervics, Thoracis Ioccipital bone (captis) spinous process of cervical vert (cervics) T1-4 (thoracis)
Semispinalis Capitis, Cervics, Thoracis Otransverse processes of C7-T12

Section 8

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flexor carpi radialis MPM for flexion; abduction
flexor carpi radialis Ibase of metacarpal 2&3
flexor carpi radialis Omedial epicondyle of humerus
flexor carpi ulnaris MPM for flexion; adduction
flexor carpi ulnaris Ibase of metacarpal 5
flexor carpi ulnari Omedial epicondyle of humerous, olecranon, and post, surface of ulna
extensor carpi ulnaris Mextension and adduction
extensor carpi ulnaris Imetacarpal 5
extensor carpi ulnaris Olateral epicondyle of humerus, post. border of ulna
extensor carpi radialis Mextension and abduction
extensor carpi radialis Imetacarpal 2 (longus) 3(brevis)
extensor carpi radialis Olateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus (longus) lateral epicondyle (brevis)

Section 9

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supraspinatus Igreater tubercle of humerus
supraspinatus Osupraspinous fossa of scapula
supraspinatus Mabduction
infraspinatus Igreater tubercle of humerus
infraspinatus Oinfraspinous fossa of scapula
infraspinatus MPM of lat rotation

Section 10

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rotatores Ilower border and lateral surface of the lamina from superior vert
rotatores Osuperior & posterior transverse process of vertabrae
Subscapularis Ilesser tubercle of humerus
subscapularis Omedial border in subscapular fossa
Subscapularis MPM for medial roation
Scalenes Ianterolaterally on ribs 1-2
Scalenes Otransverse processes of cervical vertebrae