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Question Answer
Which cells are responsible for your normal skin color?Melanocytes
The exchange of gases between the cells and the blood is called_________Respiration
A substance that decreases the body's ability to clot is_______ Aspirin
A person with an endocrine disorder wants to know the difference between a hormone and a neurotransmitter. What should be explained to this person?Neurotransmitters affect a single cell, while hormones affect multiple cells
Which of the following are elevated during pregnancy?HCG
Lymphnodes can be described as small_______bodiesEncapsulated
Chemoreceptors that help regulate breathing can be found in the carotid artery and the_________medulla oblongata
If you are exposed to hepatitis A and have not been vaccinated against it, you may receive antibodies from another person. This is an example of_______immunity. Artificial
These are called the "power plants" of the cellMItochondria
Steroids are lipids sharing a common function with insulin, which is a protein. Which function do they share communication between_______Cells
These hormones stimulate follicle maturation and ovulationLH and FSH
The process by which urine is passed out of the body is called urination and_______ voiding
Skeletal muscle produces body movement as well as maintains our_______as we sit.Posture
Tinea________is a condition in which a fungal infection is involved with either fingernails or toenails. Unguium
A college student had a depressed mood and trouble falling asleep. Which chemical neurotransmitter could cause such problems?Seratonin
Pain in the_______quadrant can be a sign appendicitis.RLQ
A person has an infection of the middle ear structure that equalizes external and internal pressure, which causes the eardrum to have difficulty vibrating with incoming sound. Which structure should care addressEustachian Tube
Which disorder affects the peripheral nervous system usually with ascending paralysis starting in the feet?Guillain-Barre Syndrome
The acid/base balance in your body is mainly controlled by the following system:Urinary
Why are enzymes necessary for cell metabolism?To Slow
What section of the cell cycle is actually devoted to cell division?Mitosis Phase
The smooth muscle layer of the uterus is called the________ myometrium
This enzyme is produced by the salivary glands and begins the chemical digestion of carbohydratesAmalase
Experiencing pain in the right shoulder due to liver disease is an example of________pain. referred
A movement that increases the angle of a joint is known as:Extension
A mild brain injury is commonly known as a_________ Concussion
This connective tissue has cells in lacunae in a gel-like matrixCartilage
The indicators that are essential for human life include all of the following except________: Coloring
Question Answer
If blood pressure falls dramatically, what happens to urine output?Decreases
Injections taken by diabetics to allow cells to communicate with other cells contain which protein?Insulin
Which part of the nervous system is called "resting and digesting?Parasympathetic
What is the name of the structure that serperates the lower chambers of the heart________septumInterventricular
These vessels carry blood into the glomerulus_________Afferent
Which of the following symptoms would be apparent in a patient who lacks angiotensin-converting enzyme?Thirst
Which ions move into neurons during the action potential?Sodium
A condition that has a "bulls-eye" macule/papule is_________ Lyme Disease
The treatment of cullilitis includes_________: Antibiotic
Question Answer
The movement of food is a function of________musclesInvoluntary
An organ contained in the RLQ would be_______ Appendix
The cause of a disease is referred to as the________ Etiology
Which hormone is responsible for inhibiting the release of gastric juice?CCK
A stature disorder in which the body produces either too much or too little growth hormone is a disorder of which endocrine gland?Anterior pituitary
Neurons whith the ability to monitor the environment are called_______neurons.Sensory
This structure is responsible for the secretion of melatonin.Pineal body
A nurse found the pre-operative patient out of bed, barefoot, and watching TV while eating breakfast. "We have to cancel your surgery because you're not NPO," the nurse said. What did the patient do wrong?Ate food
Another word for the sense of tast is?Olfactory
The cervical spine contains how many vertebrae?Twelve
A narrow ridge of bone is known as the______: Crest

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