A&P Exam 2A

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Which characteristic defines the diaphysis?the diaphysis has mostly compact bone and is on the shaft of long bone
Resonating the voice and formation of mucus is performed by:sinuses
Which of the following structures is considered part of the appendicular skeleton?humerus
which stratum is responsible for protection and is characterized by keratin filled cells in thin skin?stratum corneum
The stratum lucid is found in the palms and soles of the feet
Smooth muscle is characterized by:no striations is influenced by hormones and the autonomic nervous system
Tight junctions:prevent the passage of molecules between cells
Which cell junctions are characteristic of cardiac tissue and allows the flow of electrical ions from one cell to the nextGap junctions
Desmosomes:Bind the lateral end of cells together
A pathologist observes a cross section of respiratory tissue, and sees cilia on what appears to be stratified epithelium. What is he looking at?Pseudostratified columnar epithelium
Stratified squamous epithelium consists of:multiple layers of flat cells
When a tissue shows multiple layers of cells that are as tall as they are wide the grouping is called?stratified cuboidal epithelial cells
Under a microscope the pathologist sees long slender cells with striations. Each cell is multinucleated. In what organ would this muscle tissue be found?the quadricept muscle
What type of cartilage can be found in the pubic symphysis, meniscus of the knee, intervertebral disks, and can withstand tearing forces.Fibrocartilage
Epithelium which can change shape, and is found in the bladder is called:transitional epithelium
Cells which are arranged in a single row, and are taller than they are wide are:simple columnar epithelium
Which tissue type forms boundaries between different environments, secretes, absorbs, and filters substances?epithelial
Which polar end of a cell directly binds to the basement membrane?Basal
A sebaceous gland "explodes"to release its contents. What is this called?Holocrine secretion

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A prickly, spiny, or star shaped appearance characterizes which of the following layers?stratum spinosum
Melanocytes secrete melanin in vesicles called:melanosomes
Which cell develops into an osteocyte?Osteoblast
The hypodermal layer consists of:adipose tissue
Dermal papillary ridges form: finger prints
A 60 yr old pt presents to the clinic with a skin lesion on his arm. The lesion demonstrates asymmetry, indented borders, black and brown irregular color, and is measured at 10mm. History of present illness shows a high degree of sun exposure on an otherwise health male. it is eventually determined that his lesion is highly metastatic, which will need to be treated with wide surgical excision, immunotherapy, and chemo. The lesion is likely to be resistant to chemo. What is he determined to have?Melanoma
What region of the long bone contains the epiphyseal line?Metaphysis
A patient suffering from osteoporosis goes to the physician for treatment. The physician gives her calcitonin in order for her to maintain bone tissue. What is the expected cell activity after the administration of this drug?Osteoclasts are inhibited and osteoblasts build bone
Tightly packed bone arranged in circular rings describes:Compact bone
A forensic scientist is inspecting a cross section of compact bone from a crime scene. Under the microscope he sees centrally located canals surrounded by rings of bone. He also discovers that the central canals are arranged in the longitudinal direction. Which specific structure is he looking at?Haversion canal
An elderly man walks with his back curved in an S shape. The following anatomical term describes his columnar positioning. scoliosis
A gymnast presents to the emergency room with a spinal fracture at T12 in the thoracic region. What is the region directly below this fracture?lumbar region L1-L5
Water ion and protein based secretions, which exit the epidermis through its own duct and are responsible for sweaty hands/feet are:Eccrine sweat gland
A 1st degree burn is described as:a burn which heals with no scarring
Capillaries in the dermis serve for:Gas nutrient exchange and temperature regulation only
Which specific structure is responsible for epidermal regeneration, production of vitamin D and melanin production?Stratum basale
A pt presents to the ER with burns that involve both the epidermis and the dermis. The pt is treated and released. 3 months later the pt returns for follow up and displays no signs of burn or scarring. What type of burn did the pt have & which structures did the skin regenerate?2nd degree burn which healed from hair follicles and glands
Deep pressure sensations are detected by?pacinian corpuscle
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for:male pattern baldness
A 24 yr old female falls off her boyfriends bike and appears to have injured her shoulder. Upon examination it is determined that her right femur is fractured. In what skeletal region is the femur located? appendicular skeleton
Endochondral ossification utilizes a: cartilaginous model
If blood calcium is too low:the parathyroid secretes parathyroid hormone and increases blood calcium levels
Kyphosis is also known as:hump back
A woman who is 8 months pregnant of lower back pain. Upon examination the physician determines she is exhibiting signs of a specific body position, the culprit of her problem. What is her spinal position?lordosis