A&P 3B exam

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2 or more bones meet. This is defined as:articulation
Smooth muscle is characterized by the following except:sarcomeres
Calcium detachment from calmodulin will cause:relaxation of smooth muscle
Action potentials in skeletal muscle are initiated by:An influx of Na+ through chemically gated Na+ channels
Joints function to:Give skeleton mobility and hold skeleton together
The femoral acetabular joint is considered to be:Diarthrotic
most joints in the body are:diarthrotic
The articular joint capsule, which encloses the synovial fluid within the cavity, is composed of:dense irregular connective tissue
What is the main function of synovial fluid within the joint cavity?lubricate and nourish articular cartilage
Which structures are responsible for producing the filtrate for synovial fluid?capillary beds from the circulatory system which reside on the capsule
Fibrous sacs which contain synovial fluid and act as ball bearings to allow smooth movement where muscles, ligaments, and bones rub together is called:Bursae
An elongated bursa, which wraps around a tendon is called:tendon sheath
Plane joints slide past one another in multiple directions. What kind of movement would this be?Nonaxioal movement of carpal bones
low intracellular skeletal muscle fiber concentrations of calcium will cause:Tropomyosin to block the binding sites on actin for myosin heads
During the relaxation phase of muscle, calcium will: Get actively transported back to the sarcoplasmic reticulum
T-tubules are continuous with:sarcolemma (cell membrane)
Acetylcholine (Ach) is the prime neurotransmitter that is responsible for the initiation of an action potential in a muscle fiber. How does a muscle fiber rid itself of the Ach after it has completed its function on the muscle receptor?Acetylcholinesterase will destroy acetylcholine and remove it from the synapse
A marathon runner who has muscles resistant to fatigue likely has:Slow oxidative fibers (type I)
An 80 yr old woman requires hip replacement surgery, accompanied by a restructuring of the acetabulum. This joint is also considered to be:Diarthrotic
Which kind of joint is characterized by the hyaline cartilage on articular surfaces, and a synovial membrane?synovial
A synarthrotic joint is considered to be:Immovable
What is the functional classification of a freely movable joint?Diarthrotic

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Teeth which are bound to alveolar sockets through fibrous connections and are referred to as peg in socket joints are:Gomphosis
Synchondrosis joints are also considered to be:synarthrotic
Which organelles are responsible for storing glycogen within a skeletal muscle fiber?Glycosome
Sarcoplasmic reticulum foot proteins:Are responsible for the release of calcium to the interior of a muscle fiber
Complete displacement of bones within the joint are called:Dislocations
Which of the following is considered to be fibrous joint?lambed suture
Plasma filtrate and hyaluronic acid are associated with?synovial joints
A motor unit is defined as:A neuron which innervates multiple skeletal muscle fibers
indirect muscle attachments (most common) are defined by:Epimysium on the whole muscle remains continuous with the tendon
The thick filament within a sarcomere is composed of:myosin tails and myosin heads
Which structures does NOT directly compose the thin filament?Z-disk
Which pathology is described by decreased cartilage production, bone spurs, and restricted movement?osteoarthritis
Which pathology is described by autonomic dysfunction, inflammation, and bilateral effect?Rheumatoid arthritis

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Which ligaments prevent anterior and posterior displacement of the knee?both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
Why are T-Tubules important?They are continuous with the muscle fiber cell membrane and conduct electrical impulses to the interior of the cell
The trochlear notch of the ulna and the trochlea of the humerus, come together to create the elbow joint. What kind of movement is allowed in this joint?Uniaxial
The metacarpal-phalangeal joint of the finger has the capacity to move in:biaxial direction
Which of the following joints would be considered a multiracial joint:Gleno-humeral joint (shoulder)
A professional dancer warms up by stretching and pointing her toes down. This type of movement is considered to be:Plantar flexion
A football player takes a blow to the legs while running to the end zone. He immediately hears a pop followed by intense pain. His MRI shows injuries consistent with what is known as the "unhappy triad". What structures are most likely damaged?Anterior cruciate ligament, tibial (medial) collateral, and medial meniscus
Rigid interlocking joints which contain short connective tissue fibers, and are found on the cranium are considered to be:Suture
What is the result when calcium concentrations increase within a skeletal muscle fiber?Calcium bins to troponin, which leads to actin and myosin cross bridge cycling and contraction
Tropomyosin moves away from active binding sites:When troponin changes shape, after binding calcium