A Beka 8th Grade History Quiz 30 Practice

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Whose death was the start of World War 1?Archduke Ferdinand
Who sunk the Lusitania ship causing America to go against them?Germany
When did America officially enter World War 1?April 6, 1917
What new weapons had been introduced to the battlefield since 1914?Poison gas, machine guns, flame throwers, hand grenades, and tanks
Which act provided stiff penalties for anyone who supplied information to the enemy?Espionage Act

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Question Answer
What did the Zimmermann note do?It promised Mexico land from the states of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona in return for helping the Germans in war?
What were infantrymen, or foot soldiers often called?Doughboys
What was Germany and its allies called?Central Powers
What was America and its allies called?Allied Powers
What state never joined the League of Nations?The United States
When did World War 1 end?November 11, 1918

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