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what is the function of type 2 pneumocyesproduce and secrete surfactant and replace type 1 pneumocytes
intrapulmonary pressure is theamount of pressure in the alveloi
the relationship of between pressure and volume of geses is given by what lawboyles
daltons law states thattotal pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is the sum of the pressures exerted independantly by each gas
respiratory control centers are located in the pons and medulla
how is the bulk of carbon dioxide carried in the bloodbicarbonate ions
what provides the greatest surface area for gas exchangeaveoli
factors that promote oxygen binding and dissociation form hemoglobin include:partial pressure of o2, partial pressure of co2, and tempreture
most inspired particles such as dust fail to reach the lungs becausethey are trapped by mucous and hair in the nose
what are the three chemical buffer systemsbicarbonate, phosphate, and protien

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