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addisons disease is caused byhypo aldosterone
graveshyper TSH
cushingshyper cortisol (glucocorticoids)
myexedemahypo TSH
cretinismhypo TSH
gluconeogenesis occurs in the liver due to the action of cortisol
the major targets of growth hormone areskeletal and muscle tissues
the parathyroid glands maintain adequate levles of blood ca. this is accomplish viaosteoclasts breaking down bone and releasing ca
leptin is secreted byadipocytes
name the steroid based hormonetestosterone, aldosterone, estrogen, progesterone

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name the categories of endocrine gland stimulihumoral, hormonal, and neural
what are eicosanoids ex?inflammatroy mediators NASIDS
LH is also referred to asgonadotropin
the presence of an exophthalmic goiter is associated withgraves disease
the effects of hyposecretion of thyroid hormones on the reproductive system includessterility,depressed ovarian function, depressed lactation
what is the function of ACTHstimulates cortex of adrenal gland to produce cortisol
what is the function of PLmilk production
what is the function of thymosin develops t-cells
what is anemialack of ability to carry oxygen
what is polycythemiatoo many RBC's

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name the organs regulating RBC productionred bone marrow, kidney, liver
know the functions of blood regulation, protection, maintenance
what is the parent cell for all formed elementshemocytoblast (pluripoitent)
what are the different types of capillaries and where are they foundcontinuous (skin) fenestrated (kidneys) sinusoids (liver)
know the conditions which can be expected with polycythemiaincreased BP, increased blood volume, high hct
what is the correct sequence: reticulocyte, proerythroblast, normoblast, late erythrocyteproerythrocyte, late erythroblast, normoblast, reticulocyte
natural anticoagulant found is basophils is heparin
the immediate response to blood vessel injury isvascular spasm
know the regulatory functions of bloodtempreture, PH,
know the protective functions of blood prevents blood loss, prevents infection
blood volume restorers include:normal saline, dextran, electrolyte solution, human albumin serum
a lack of intrinsic factor leading to b12 deficiency is characteristic of pernicous anemia
special type of hemoglobin present in fetal red blood cells ishemoglobin F
normal range of hgb11-17
name the normal plasma protiensalbumin, globulins, fibrinogens

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