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Question Answer
writes enviro bookcarson, silent spring
nuclear metldown almost occurs here3 mile island
criticizes carunsafe at any speed, nader
enviro activistsnaiders raiders
developers file enviro ipact statements assessing impact of projections on particular ecosystemnational enviro policy act
sets standards for auto emissionsclean air act
funds toxic waste cleanupsuperfund
act to portect animalsendangered species act
this createdconsumer products safety commission
family members can join igrants already in the usimmigration act of 1965
ethnic enclaves inckoreatown, little odessa
curtails access of legal immigrants to food stamps and suchwelfare reform act of 1996
est english as californias official languageprop 63
bars illegal aliens from social programsprop 187, save our state
banishes aff actionprop 209
reagan program to stop drug usejust say no
la race riots started bc police batterrodney king
oj simpsons lawyercochran
instead of intgrationmulticulturalism
conservatives oppose multiculutralism bc fearbalkanization

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