901 Network troubleshooting at the command line

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Section 1

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pingtest reachability
ping <ip address>test reachability to a TCP/IP address
ping -t <ip address>ping until stopped with CtrlC
ping -a <ip address>resolve address to a hostname
ping -n <count> <ip address>send a # of echo requests
ping -f <ip address>send with don't fragment flag set

Section 2

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ipconfigWindows TCP/IP configuration
ipconfig /allshow all TCP/IP details
ipconfig /releaserelease the DHCP lease
ipconfig /renewrenew the DHCP lease
ipconfig /flushdnsflush the DNS resolver cache
ifconfig <interface>show TCP/IP details in Linux/Unix

Section 3

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tracert Windows
tracert determin the route a packet takes to a destination
netstatnetwork stats
netstat -ashow active connections
netstat -bshow binaries
netstat -ndo not resolve names
nbtstatquery NetBIOS over TCP/IP information
nbtstat -nlist local NetBIOS names
nbstat -A <ip address>list remote NetBIOS names
nbstat -a <device name>list remote NetBIOS names

Section 4

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netwindows network commands
NET USEMap a network share to a drive letter
NET STOPstop a service
NET STARTstart a service
NET VIEWview network resources
netdommanage active directory database - join a computer to the domain/add a domain account, etc
nslookuplookup information from DNS servers