9 week test #2

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Question Answer
The first chief justice of the Supreme CourtJohn Jay
The first Secretary of the treasuryAlexander Hamilton
Sent to gain support for the FrenchEdmond Ganet
Leading Baptist Minister that was persecutedIsaac Backus
Lord Baltimorefounded Maryland
founded ConnecticutThomas Hooker
Founded GeorgiaJames Oglethorpe
Roger Williamsfounded Rhode Island
Samuel Osgoodfirst postmaster general
James Madison"Father of the Constitution"
John Marshallchief justice who established judicial review

Section 2

Question Answer
Whose trial established freedom of the press in the colonial period?John Peter Zenger
Who proposed the resolution for independence?Richard Henry Lee
How many amendments composed the Bill of Rights?10
What is the supreme law of the land?the Constitution
What is the duty of the legislative branch?pass laws
What is the term for he powers given to the federal government?enumerated
Which state was the last to ratify the Constitution?Rhode Island
What established that the nation government would have two houses?Great Compromise
Which leader helped Jefferson write the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions?James Madison

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Question Answer
President Washington appointed whom to be the first secretary of state?*Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of the Treasury, and helped establish the national bank?*Alexander Hamilton
The farmer who led the rebellion in Massachusetts?*Daniel Shays
The first secretary of war?*Henry Knox
The French thinker who wrote Democracy in America?*Alexis de Tocqueville
Thomas Jefferson's followers became know as?*Democratic-Republicans

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