8th grade history exam stuff

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Section 1

Question Answer
James cookcartographer
sir Francis Drake pirate
Hernando cortesconquistador
Jacques Marquettemissionary
Prince HenryThe navigator, exploration encouragement and education
Christopher ColumbusAdmiral of the sea
Henry Hudson explorer
PontiacOttawa indian chief
Peter Zenger freedom of speech advocate
Crispus Attucksone of five "massacre" victims

Section 2

Question Answer
Richard Henry claymade the motion to Declare Independence
Thomas Jefferson Author of the declaration of independence
George IIIking of Britian
Benjamin Franklinstatesman, Author, and author
Braddock,Gage,HoweBritish generals
Patrick HenryStated " Give me liberty or give me death!"
Adams,Hancock,ReverePatriot leaders
Thomas Paineauthor of common sense
Marion,Clark,JonesColonial military leaders
George Washingoncommander in chief of colonial military

Section 3

Question Answer
Von Steuben,LafyetteForeign military leaders who helped the colonist
Lord Cornwallis Surrendered British troops bringing an end to a war
HessianGerman mercenary, soldier for hire
Minute mencolonial military, ready to fight at a moment's notice
Grenville, TownshendBritish leaders who imposed taxes and restrictions on colonist
Nathan Hale teacher,colonial spy, and martyr for the colonies
Benedict Arnold colonial traitor, turncoat
Sampson, Hays, CorbinWomen who "fought" for the colonies freedom
Loyalists, Tories Colonist who sided with British
PatriotsColonist who sided with those wanting independence

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