8th Grade A Beka history test 4 review

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What American General won the Battle of Fallen Timbers?Anthony Wayne
Who developed the first successful steamboat?Robert Fulton
What was the first state formed from the Northwest Territoy to be admitted to the Union?Ohio
What is a closed meeting place of party leaders?Caucus
From what country did the U.S. receive Florida?Spain
Which president vetoed the Bank Charter Bill?Andrew Jackson
What is the practical use of scientific knowledge?Technology
What was the first frontier state to be admittied into the Union?Kentucky
To what nation did President Jefferson send warships when the ruler demanded higher tribute?Tripoli
When did the US buy Louisiana and from what country?1803; France

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Who proposed the Compromise Tariff of 1833?Henry Clay
What country forced US sailors to serve on her ships in the early 1800s?England
During the War of 1812, where was the convention held that gave rise to the issue of states' rights?Hartford, Connecticutt
What was the fastest overland communication service before the telegraph?Pony Express
What group of patriots called for war with Great Britian in the period before the War of 1812?War Hawks
What act required American Indians living on lands east of the Mississippi River to move farther west?Indian Removal Act
What act did President Jefferson enact that limited exports with Europe, hoping to avoid war with England and France?Embargo Act
Who was the president of the National Bank?Nicholas Biddle
Who was he leader of France?Napoleon Bonaparte
Who succeeded Andrew Jackson as president?Martin Van Buren
What Indian helped Lewis and Clark on their journey?Sacagewea

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Who defeated the British at the Battle of Lake Erie?Oliver Hazard Perry
Who invented the reaping machine?Cyrus McCormick
Who invented the power loom? Francis Cabot Lowell
Who invented the sewing machine?Elias Howe
Who was the 1st female doctor in the U.S.?Elizabeth Blackwelll
Who invented the TransAtlantic Cable?Cyrus Field
Who invented the steel plow?John Deere
Who was the Vice President for Andrew Jackson?John C. Calhoun
Who explored the southern half of the Louisiana Territory?Zebulon Pike
Who shot Alexander Hamilton?Aaron Burr
Who invented the Morse Code?Samuel Morse
Who is know to be the greatest orator?Daniel Webster
Who won the victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe?William Henry Harrison
Who improved the sewing machine?Isaac Singer

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Whose is know as Mark Twain and wrote Life on the Mississippii?Samuel Clemens
What term means to risk personal loss to develops new products?Entrepreneur
What ordinance was for a plan of government for the Northerst Territories?Northerst Ordinance of 1787
An "anti-Jackson" partyWhig Party
Fast ships that were double the speed of regular shipsClipper Ships
What doctrine warned European power?Monroe Doctrine
What was the last great battle of the War of 1812?Battle of New Orleans
What insisted that a person must pay in gold coins instead of paper dollars?Specie Circular
What road was discovered by Daniel Boone that ran through Cumberland Gap?Wilderness Road
What treaty settled the boundary between the United States and Canada?Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842