88 Rhetorical Devices

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Section 1

Question Answer
AbstractBeauty, love. An idea that cannot be seen.
Ad HominenAgainst the man not his thoughts
AllegoryStory with a symbolic and literal meaning
AlliterationRepetition of sounds
AmbiguityMultiple meaning. Beating around the bush for example.
AnaphoraRepetition of words or phrases at the beginning of a sentence. The man....The man...The man...
Anecdote Short narrative
Aphorism A moral of the authors point of view. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Apostrophe Talking to something that cannot talk back
Asyndeton Commas, commas, commas
Atmosphere Creates the mood. The setting and objects mentioned make up the atmosphere.
CacophonyHarsh sounds in poetry
CaricatureAn exaggeration, like a hyperbole
ClauseHas both a verb and subject in sentence
ColloquialSlang or informal writing
ConnotationNon-literal meaning of the word
DenotationLiteral meaning of word
DictionWord choice

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Euphemism Good speech. "Pushing up daisies"
Extended MetaphorLong metaphor
Figurative LanguageStory with non literal meaning
Figure Of SpeechDevices used to create figurative language
Generic ConventionTradition or way that a genre of writing is written
Genre Category in which story fits in
HyperboleOverstatement or exaggeration
InferenceExpected ending
IronyContrast between something stated and what it really means
Dramatical ironyWhen audience knows what is going on and the characters in a play do not
Situational IronyWhen events turn out not the way they were expected to
Verbal IronyWhen words state the opposite of what the writer really means
JargonLingo for groups of people
JuxtaposePutting something in a list to show the contrast in it. Apple, Banana, Grapes, Knife, Oranges and watermelon
Litotes An understatement that states what it is not. That wasnt a bad movie.
Non periodic / Loose sentenceindependent clause goes first and then the dependent clause.
Metaphor Comparing two different things without using like or as. The man was a monkey
Metonymy A nick name associated with thing. The president = white house.
MoodThe atmosphere of the work. Setting and tone affect the mood.
Non-sequitur Confusing. When a statement does not follow or connect with the other
ObjectivityNot favoring. Removing himself and opinions from the piece

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OxymoronGrouping contradictory words together. Jumbo shrimp.
ParadoxTwo things at once. When something is something and when it is not at the same time. It was the worst of times it was the worst of times.
ParableShort story usually with a moral
ParallelismGrammatical framing of word/phrases in a piece
PedanticText book language. Overly scholarly. Big words.
Periodic Sentence When dependent clause is placed first then the independent. After a long flight, I arrived in L.A.
PersonificationGiving human traits to an object
Point Of viewPerspective from which story is told
Polysyndetonand and and
ProseOrdinary speech or writing
ProtagonistMain character
Red HerringWhen writer raises irrelevant issue to distract from the real issue
RegionalismSpecific geographical location
Repetitionduplication of words, phrases, sentences, etc
Rhetorical ModeMajor kinds of writing
Expositionto explain or analyze info
Argumentationto convince or prove something with reasoning
Descriptionrecreate a person, place so that reader can visualize
Narrationtelling of a story
Rhetorical QuestionExpecting no answer
SarcasmLanguage meant to hurt or ridicule something
SemanticsStudies the meaning of words

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Stylethe sum of the choices in the syntax, fig. language. Style can be explicit, rambling etc. Classification of authors to a group.
Simileuses like or as to compare two different objects
Subject ComplementA clause that follows a linking verb and completes the subject. Expresses something about the subject.
Predicate Nominativegroup of nouns that renames the subject. Julia Roberts is a movie star. (movie star renames Julia (the noun))
Predicate Adjectivegroup of adjectives that follows linking verb. Warren remained optimistic. (Optimistic modifies the subject)
SubjectivityPersonal presentation of events influenced by authors opinions
Subordinate ClauseDependent Clause. Yellowstone is a national park that is known for its geysers. (That is known for its geysers)
SyllogismTwo things that lead to a conclusion and reckon together. All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. therefore socrates is a mortal.
SymbolRepresents itself and stands for something else
Natural symbolsobjects from nature that symbolize things associated with them. Rose = love
Conventional Symbolsinvested with meaning by a group. Religious symbols.
SynecdochePhysical nickname. Wheels = Car
SynesthesiaSensory stimulating. "taste the pain"
Thememoral of the story
Understatementsaying something is less significant than what it really is
Witamusing language
Voice"sound" of a writers style