88 Constellations

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Section 1

Question Answer
Andromedathe Chained Maiden
Antliathe Air Pump
Apusthe Bird of Paradise
Aquarius: February 17 - March 13the Water Bearer
Arathe Altar
Aries: April 19 - May 14the Ram
Aurigathe Charioteer
Bootesthe Herdsman
Caelumthe Engraving Tool
Camelopardalisthe Giraffe
Canes Venaticithe Hunting Dogs
Capricornus: January 21 - February 17the Sea Goat
Carinathe Keel
Cassiopeiathe Seated Queen
Cepheus the King
Cetusthe Sea Monster
Circinusthe Compass
Columbathe Dove
Coma Berenicesthe Bernice's Hair
Corvusthe Crow
Craterthe Cup
Cygnusthe Swan
Dorado the Swordfish
Equuleusthe Little Horse
Eridanusthe River
Grusthe Crane
Horologiumthe Clock
Hydrathe Female Water Snake
Hydrusthe Male Water Snake
Lacertathe Lizard
Lepusthe Hare
Mensathe Table Mountain
Monocerosthe Unicorn
Muscathe Fly
Normathe Carpenter's Square
Octansthe Octant
Ophiuchus: November 30 - December 18the Serpent Bearer
Orion the Hunter
Pavothe Peacock
Perseusthe Hero
Pictorthe Painter's Easel
Piscis Austrinusthe Southern Fish
Puppisthe Stern
Pyxisthe Compass
Recticulumthe Reticle
Sagittathe Arrow
Scutumthe Shield
Sextansthe Sextant
Velathe Sails
Volansthe Flying Fish
Vulpeculathe Fox