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seasonalitytemperature difference highest minus lowest temperature
latitudedegree away from equator, north pole is 90
seasonstemperature differences caused by the inclination on earth's rotation
jet streama path of strong air going all around the planet
water currentsoceans heated unequally causing mixing hot and cold waters to form an internal river
frontal precipitationcold air and hot air mixing to form clouds
relief precipitationhumid air going up mountains getting cold and precipitation
convection precipitationnormal precipitation. sun or other methods heating up the water
the windthe movement of horizontal air from zones of high atmospheric pressure to zones of low atmospheric pressure caused by the non-equal heating on the surface of the earth on a planetary scale or a local scale
hadley cellarea of winds hitting other winds

section 2

Question Answer
solticenot equal
3 descriptors of climattemp seasonality
equinox dates22 march 21 september
solstice dates21 december 21 june
temperature impact of altitudemore altitude more cold
difference with climate and weatherclimate long time weather short time
el ninowhen the jet stream stops at equator
impacts of el ninocauses storms
moderator effect of waterlakes and other body of water lowers seasonality
jet stream impacts on temperaturewhen the jet stream is at the artique the temperatures are colder

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