7th Grade Poetry terms

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Question Answer
poema compact piece of writing that contains one or more poetic elements
figure of speechlanguage meant to be understood imaginatively rather that literally
metaphorcomparison between two unrelated nouns
simileComparison between two unrelated nouns using "like"or ''as''
personificationthe assigning of human traits to animals, things, colors, qualities, and ideas
imagerya mental picture that appeals to the senses
alliterationsame beginning consonant sound in two or more words close together
assonancerepetition of vowel sounds in stressed syllables that end in different consonant sounds
onomatopoeiathe formation of words that sound like, or suggest, the objects or actions being named
repetitionrepeated sounds, words and phrases within a line or from line to line
rhythmthe pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry, using one or more kinds of meter
meterthe number of units of a specific kind in a line of poetry; it describes a poem's overall rhythm, or pattern of beats
rhymetwo or more words that sound alike, typically through repetition of sounds at the end of words, but with different beginning consonant sounds
rhyme schemepattern of rhyming line in a poem, usually represented with letters
end rhymesrhyming words which appear at the ends of lines
internal rhymerhymes that occur within lines
couplettwo lines of poetry that rhyme
tripletgroup of three lines that rhyme
quatrainfour-line stanza that when rhymed, assumes a variety of patterns
limerickpoetic form for writing humor, always written in the rhyme scheme aabba
Narrativeverse that tells a story
lyrichighly musical verse that expresses the emotions of a speaker and does not tell a story, but expresses feelings
haikua traditional Japanese three-line poem of 17 syllables, usually in a 5-7-5 pattern
free verseimitates natural rhythms of speech, and does not use regular rhyme, rhythm, meter, or division into stanzas
allusionreference in literature to something famous
symbola thing that stands for and represents both itslef and something else
hyperboleoverstatement; exaggeration used for humor or emphasis