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(7)General (REDOx)

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Oxidationdefined as a loss of electrons to give a higher oxidation state (more positive).
Reductiondefined as a gain of electrons to give a lower oxidation state (more negative)
Reduction-oxidation (“Redox”) reaction one that occurs between a reducing and an oxidizing agent:
oxidizing agent (oxidant)tend to take on an electron or electrons and be reduced to a lower oxidation state:
reducing agent (reductant)tend to give up an electron or electrons and be oxidized:
reduction potential. reducing or oxidizing tendency of a substance will depend on
standard electrode potentialmeasures the tendency for a reduction process to occur at an electrode.
intensive propertiespotential increases as the tendency for reduction
standard hydrogen electrodeset at exactly 0 V.
the stronger an oxidizing agent the oxidized form is and the weaker a reducing agent the reduced form is. the more positive the electrode potential,
a positive value for its standard reduction potentiala greater tendency to occur than does the reduction of H+

Section 2

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Redox TitrimetryThe transfer of RA and OA
Potentiometervoltameter that gives potential in electron units (Voltage Watts)
AlkaliDisplaces any metal below( always top of the activity series)
ElectrochemReverse series of Electrochemical
HalogenStrongest Oxidiazing Agent and preffered to be reduced
ReducedIntensive property