6th Grade- Grammar & Vocabulary Study Guide (Lesson 1-6)

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Section 1

Question Answer
SentenceA group of words that express a complete thought.
Complete SubjectIncludes all the words that tells who or what the sentence is about.
Complete PredicateIncludes the verb and all the word that tell what the subject is or what the subject does.
Simple SubjectThe main word or words in the complete subject.
Simple Predicates/ VerbsThe main word or words in the complete predicate.
Verb PhraseHelping verb + Main verb.
Helping VerbsHave, has, had, do, does, did, shall, will, should, would, may, might, must, can, could, am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been.
Compound SubjectMade up of two or more subjects that share the same verb.
Compound VerbMade up of two or more verbs that share the same subject.
Declarative SentenceA statement.
Interrogative SentenceAsks a question.
Imperative SentenceTells or asks someone to do something.
Exclamatory SentenceShows strong feeling.
Context CluesFigure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word form information in the same or nearby sentences.

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