60. Protection against ionizing radiation

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1. Protection from ionizing radiation can be broken down into 3 main parts:
2. Physical: Distance (absorbed dose decreases with the distance^2,
Time (minimizing length of stay close to source of radiation) Screening
(Choice of suitable absorbents)

Suitable absorbents for different types of radiation:


Question Answer
AlphaPaper, clothes, thin layer of perspex
BetaPerspex, 3-5mm of aluminium
GammaMaterials with high proton numbers (e.g. steel, lead)
NeutronWater (to first slow neutrons). Cadmium/Boron to then capture slowed neutrons.


Combined screenings (e.g. perspex with boron mixed in) is often used to
protect from Gamma.


3. Chemical: Masking sensitive groups with radioprotective substances OR
Initiation of cell hypoxia OR blocking the formation of free radicals as a result of
4. Biological: More non-specific. improves the state of the nutrition of the organism,
improving its resistance.