6 Advantages of Cloud Computing

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Section 1

Question Answer
Advantage 1Variable and Capital Expense
Advantage 2Economies of Scale
Advantage 3Stop Guessing Capacity
Advantage 4Increase Speed and Agility
Advantage 5Focus on Business Differentiators
Advantage 6Go Global in Minutes

Section 2

Question Answer
1) Variable and Capital ExpenseTrade capital expense for variable operational expense; Pay only WHEN you consume computing resources & pay only HOW much you consume
2) Economies of ScaleA lower variable cost then you would get on your own, because hundreds of thousand s of customer is aggregated in the cloud
3) Stop Guessing CapacityDon;t end up sitting on expensive idle resources or dealing with limited capacity; Access as MUCH or as LITTLE as you need & scale UP and DOWN as required.
4) Increase Speed and Agility Reduce the time it takes to make them available from weeks to minutes; Increase in speed and agility as COST & TIME to experiment is significantly lower
5) Focus on Business DifferentiatorsStop spending money on running and maintaining data centers; Allows organizations to focus on project that differentiate their business.
6) Go Global in MinutesDeploy your applications to multiple locations around the world with just a few clicks; provide redundancy across the globe and deliver lower latency and better experiences to your customers at minimal cost.