(6)Acidimetry and Alkalimetry

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Acidimetry (Acidimetric Analysis)the titrimetric analysis of bases using an accurately measured volume of an acid
Alkalimetry (Alkalimetric Analysis)the titrimetric analysis of acids using an accurately measured volume of an base
Acid-Base TheoriesArrhenius/ Bronsted-Lowry/Lewis
Acid-Base Indicatorscomplex organic compounds which may be acids or bases themselves capable of existing in two forms of different color that are mutually convertible, one into the other, at given [H+] concentration
Acid-Base Indicatorsused: 1. to determine the end points in neutralization processes; 2. to determine hydrogen-ion concentrations [H+] or pH; or 3. to indicate that a desired change in pH has been affected
Theories of Acid-Base Indicator ActionPhysicochemical Theory/Organic Theory/Colloidal Theory
undissociated speciesThe color of the ionic species of an indicator is different from?
relative concentration of ionic and undissociated species in solution.The color that the indicator imparts to a solution depends on?
hydrogen ion concentration.The relative concentrations of the ionic and undissociated species in solution depend on?

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