5th Six Weeks District Assessment Review

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Question Answer
semiaridvery dry or steppe
communismsociety based on equitable distribution of wealth, land, and public ownership of production
birthratenumber of live births per thousand of population per year
cultural diffusionthe spread of culture traits from one culture to another
democracyleaders rule with consent of the people
dictatorshipcountry or a group of countries is ruled by a single party
exporta commodity sent from one country to another doe purposes of trade
free enterprisesystem in which private individuals or groups have the right to own property or business and make a profit with limited government interference
globalizationthe expansion of economic, political, and cultural processes to the point that they became global in scale and impact
gross domestic powervalue of goods and services produced within a country in a year
imperialismthe actions by which one country is able to extend power to control another country
infrastructureset of systems that affect how well a place or organization operates, such as telephone or transportation systems within a country
literacy ratetotal percentage of the population of an area at a particular time
life expectancy average time a person is expected to live
urbanizationrelocation of people from rural to urban

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what are monsoons?seasonal wind that brings warm, moist air from the oceans in summer and cooler, dry air from inland winter
how do they affect weather patterns ? hot in the summer and dry in the winter
what are typically the cause of earthquakes?tectonic movement
what is the ring of fire?basin of Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur
which two countries in South/East Asia have the most population issues?China and India
Where are population densities usually the greatest in South Asia/East? coastal areas and river valleys because urban areas on the coast provide fresh water
what causes people to migrate?push factors such as job opportunities, education, and freedom/
how have irrigation techniques affected population distribution?they haver allowed people to settle in arid and semi arid areas around the world

Section 3

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North KoreaDictatorship + Command
ChinaCommunist gov, Mixed Economy
JapanDemocratic gov, market economy
South KoreaDemocratic gov, market economy
TaiwanDemocratic gov, market economy

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what is globalization and how has it affected the cultures South and East Asian Countries?it has improved Asian economies and their people's standard of living / exposed them to western ideas
what types of roles are Asian some getting in the work force?non-proffesional
what are some socioeconomic indicators that show the development ranking of countriesGDP, life expectancy, birthrate, literacy rate

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Section 6

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shintoismrespect and admiration for nature
taoismhumans just go with the flow
buddhismenlightenment through meditation and self discipline
islam5 pillars, Quran/ koran, monotheistic