51. Biophysical effects of Low and High Pressures

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1. Too low a pressure (e.g. at Altitude) causes high pressure hypoxia. Symptoms include nausea, headache.
2. This is due to slow equalization of the external conditions to the cranial cavity and the middle ear.
3. Hypobaric chambers are used to treat this, increasing CO2 exhilation, meaning blood has more O2.
4. High pressure on the other hand, increases the amount of gases dissolved in the blood.
5. As you return to the surface too quickly, all these gases will come out of your blood
6. It's pretty chill if O2 comes out, it will quickly be metabolized
7. However, if N2 comes out, it is not metabolized, and stays as bubbles in the blood or tissues,
8. This causes nausea, headaches and vomiting or even a gas embolus - the characteristics of Decompression sickness.
9. This can be treated with hyperbaric chambers and high pressure oxygen, to allow more oxygenation, and the gases to be
dissolved and breathed out slowly
10. Hyperbaric chambers may also be used in Heart surgery, alleviating lung disease, CO or Cyanide poisoning, burns or multiple