5 year Plan-India

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First plan(1951 to 56)Harrod-Damor model, Agriculture sector
Second plan(1956 to 61)Mahalanobis plan,rapid industrialisation
Third plan(1961 to 66)self reliant and self generating economy,Complete failure due to unforeseen misfortunes viz. Chinese aggression(1962), Indo Pak war (1965) Severe drought (1965 to 66)
Three annual plans(1966 to 69)-Plan holidayDuring these plans a whole new agriculture strategy involving widespread of distribution of highly-yielding varieties of seeds, the extensive use of fertilisers, exploitation of irrigation potential and soil conservation was put into action to tide over the crisis in agriculture production.
Fourth plan(1969 to 74)Main emphasis on agriculture's growth rate
Fifth plan (1974 to 79 )removal of poverty(Garibi Hatao) and attainment of self reliance;the plan was terminated in 1978 (instead of 1979 ) when Janta government came to the power
Rolling plan(1978 to 80)the Janata government plan is also called Rolling plan
Sixth plan(1980 to 85)Objectives: Increase in national income, modernisation of technology, ensuring continuous decrease in poverty and unemployment, population control through family planning etc
Seventh plan(1985 to 90)aimed at rapid growth in food grains production, increased employment ;opportunities and productivity within the framework of basic tenants of planning;great success
Eighth plan(1992 to 97)eighth plan was postponed by two years because of political upheavals at the Centre and it was launched after a worsening balance of payment position and inflation during 1990-91
Ninth plan(1997 to 2002)It was developed in the context of four important dimensions: quality of life, generation of productive employment, a regional balance and self-reliance.
Tenth plan (2002 to 2007)Its objectives included achieving the growth rate of 8%, reduction of poverty ratio to 20% by 2007 and 210% by 2012, universal access to primary education by 2007, increase in literacy rate to 72% within the plan period and to 80% by 2012
Eleventh plan(2007 to 2012)ncrease agricultural GDP growth;Accelerate growth rate of GDP;increase forest and free cover