5 forces that shaped the surface of earth

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Foldingwhen 2 plates move toward each other the crust is uplifted and bent esp between highly resistant blocks or sections of plates. too much bulking and folding of rock layers can cause volcanic activity as magma seeps through cracks in subduction zone
Faultingrocks under tectonic pressure fracture unter strain (earthquake) moves up and down to create a fault or scarp, under water it may cause a tsunami
Volcanismprocess related to molten rock matter and its movements that shape earth by: a)filling in the gap left by plates moving apart b)magma cooling c)magma flowing on surface (lava) d)creates new land
GradationA.Weathering- breaking down of rock into particles ex:ice expansion of rock cliff B)Erosion-movement of weather rock from one location to another (rocks sliding down mountain) C.Deposition-the process of lying/depositing weathered rock particles in new location (BEACHES STONE RIVERBEDS)
Glaciation (movement of ice)special importance to canada, tundra regions features as a result of glaciers
regions ft glaciationglaciers, compressed land, groves in canadian sheild, valleys or cliffs, huge rock carried and deposited,

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