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Section 1

Question Answer
RelationA table with columns and rows
Attributea named column of a relation
Determinantthe attribute or group of attributes on the left-hand side of the arrow of a functional dependency
Domainthe set of allowable values for an attribute
Tupleanother name for a row in a relation

Section 2

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Degreethe number of attributes in a relation
cardinalitythe number of tuples in a relation
relational databasea collection of normalized relations with distinct relation (tableo) names
Relation schemaa named relation defined by a set of attribute and domain name pairs

Section 3

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Superkeyan attribute or set of attributes that uniquely identifies a tuple within a relation
Candidate keya superkey where no proper subset of that superkey is itself a superkey within the relation
Primary keythe candidate key that is chosen
Foreign keyan attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some relation (could be a different relation or the same one)

Section 4

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Update anomalies x3Insertion, deletion, modification
View the dynamic result of one or more relational operations one one or more relations(tables) to produce another relation. A view is a virtual relation that does not necessarily exist in the database but can be produced at any time
Entity integrityin a relation, no attribute of a primary key can be null
Referential integrityif a foreign key exists in a relation, either the foreign key value must match a candidate key value of some tuple in its relation, or the foreign key value must be wholly null.