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endothelial cellsCells that make up the brain capplilaries so that substances have to go through the membrane of capillary cells
Blood Brain BarrierConsists of tight gaps between ____ cells and Astrocytes. Multiple Membranes that substances have to cross and selects for these to cross.
AstrocytesWrap around capillaries and make contact with neurons to provide membranes for blood brain barrier
Neuron DoctrineNeuron is the basic signaling unit of the nervous system and is discretely bound
Principle of PolarizationInformation flows in a predictable, consistent way.
Ependymal CellsLine the ventricles
MicrogliaTake up and Digest Debris within the CNS
Interfascicular OligodendrocytesFormation of Myelin Sheaths insde the CNS
Schwann CelsForm Myelin Sheaths in the PNS
CytokinesProteins that Glial Cells are a major source of; regulate immunity and inflammation and induce cell death. Think apoptosis and think about microglia.
Endothelial CellsCells of Brain cappilaries