4 steps to making the right choice SJAE

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Section 1

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Seeingrecognize that there is a decision to be made
ask questions aboutwho the decision will affect
is the decisiona moral decision
"does this decision have anything to do with...loving god, loving others or loving myself?"
ask god to help see the situationwith the eyes of love

Section 2

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JudgingAnalyze the options and evalute which options would truly be a loving choice
listen to your conscienceand consider what the bible says
what the church teachersand what can be learned from experience of committed catholics
listen to the voiceof god speaking in your heart

Section 3

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Actingdecide to do the loving thing and then do it
ask god to help youput your decisions into action
Evaluatingbecome aware of how your decision affects relationships with god, yourself and others
the way you evaluate......decisions now will shape the way you look at them in the future

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