4. Gesture and Movement

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General, Forwards and Backwards, Up and Down

Question Answer
pacel'allure (f)
gait, walkla démarche
to set outse mettre en route
to stir, fidgetremuer
to pass nearpasser auprès de
to clear an obstacle, cross, step across, cover distancefranchir
clearing, crossingle franchissement
to go roundcontourner
to turn roundfaire demi-tour
to fly oversurvoler
to make forse diriger vers
to go tose rendre à
to go backwardsaller à reculons
to back outsortir à reculons
comings and goingsdes allées et venues
to turn off (a path or road)obliquer
to turn rightobliquer à gauche
pressure, pushing, thrustla poussée
to scalegravir
to straddleenjamber
slide, skidla glissade
to come a cropper, fall flats'étaler
to fall on one's faces'aplatir
to sit up, to right oneself / itselfse redresser
to bound, jumpbondir
to be kneelingêtre agenouillé
to sit upse mettre sur son séant

Movement of the Limbs, Gesticulation

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to hold in one's armsserrer dans ses bras
to hold out one's arm to someonetendre le bras à quelqu'un
to shake someone's handdonner une poignée de main à quelqu'un
to clapbattre des mains
to grab, graspempoigner
to slapgifler
to scatterrépandre / éparpiller
to rub / rubbingfrotter / le frottement
to stretch out / flex one's legtendre / plier, fléchir la jambe

Movements of the Head

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to nodfaire un signe de la tête
to nod / shake one's headfaire oui / non de la tête
to shake one's headremuer la tête
to nod / shake one's headhocher la tête
to bat one's eyelids battre les paupières
to blinkciller
to winkfaire un clin d'oeil
bowla révérence

Leaning and Bending

Question Answer
to lean over, be slanting, tip, tilt pencher
to bend, bowcourber
to lean againsts'appuyer contre
to rest one's elbows ons'accouder à
to lean one's back againsts'adosser à
to bows'incliner

Fast and Slow Movement

Question Answer
to hurryse dépêcher, se précipiter
to quicken one's step, speed uppresser / hâter le pas
to bustle about, arounds'empresser
to run upaccourir
to stride marcher à grand pas
to marchmarcher au pas
to dashs'élancer
to trottrottiner
a strideune enjambée
to shuffletraîner les pieds
to strolldéambuler
to wandervagabonder
to loiters'attarder
to creep intose glisser dans
to worm one's way intos'insinuer


Question Answer
to bump into bousculer
to knock against, bump intoheurter
to knock, hammer, thumpcogner

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