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Question Answer
How do you calculate Number needed to treat?1/ARR
What is somatization disorder?Numerous physical complaints over the years for which no physical explanation can be found
What is the treatment for TTP-HUS include?Emergent plasmapharesis!
What are the sx of constrictive pericarditis?SLowly progressing dyspnea, peripheral edema, ascites,
What are the causes of constrictive pericarditis?Radiation therapy to the chest, cardiac surgery, TB
pH of the vagina in trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis?>4.5
pH of the vagina during candida infection?<4.5
What is the treatment for candida vaginitisFluconazole
What factors can precipitate candida vaginitis?Systemic corticosteroid use, antibiotics, contraceptive use (high estrogen), diabetes, and immunosupresion
What is melanin made from?DOPA
Mental and neuro effects of PKU?Seizures, hyperactivity, gait abn, problems with postural muscle control
What would the murmur of a nonstenotic bicuspid aortic valve manifest as?Early systolic, high frequency click heard over cardiac apex of right second intercostal space
When AV node is pacemaker, what does ECG showcomplete desynchronization of atrial and ventricular contractions but regular rhythym and narrow QRS
The heart rate under the control of the AV node?45-55 bpm
At what temperature do things autoclave at?120 C
What can inactivate HAV virus?Water chlorination, bleach (1:100 dilution), formalin, UV radiation, and boiling to 85C for 1 minute
What is stridor caused by?Upper airway obstruction
What are the sx of croup (viral laryngotracheitis)?Brassy barking cough, dyspnea, fever, hoarseness, after URI
What is the cofactor for methylmalonyl CoA mutase?B12 (converts methylmalonyl CoA to succinyl CoA)
How can TCAs cause arrythmias?They block fast sodium channels
What can be used in TCA cardiotoxicity as antidote?Sodium bicarbonate
What is the most common cause of AS in pt >70 Senile degenerative calcification of the aortic valve
A firm and brown spleen?Autosplenectomy from repeated infarcts
Localized candida infections are prevented by what?T cell function
Disseminated candida is prevented by what?Neutrophils
With which organisms are sickle cell patients most susceptible to become bacteremic?Strep. pneumoniae, and H. Influenza; they are functionally asplenic!
How does NAC counteract acetomenophen tox?It acts as a glutathione substitute, and also acts to donate sulfahydryl groups to increase the non-toxic sulfation elimination of acetomenophen
What is an MI patient at risk for 2-4 days post MIfibrinous peridcarditis! generally short-lived and goes away with aspirin therapy
How to brain mets appear?Multiple well circumscribed masses at the junction of the gray and white matter
What parameters measure liver biosynthetic function?Albumin and PT
What vitamin deficiency do sickle cell patients often get/hemolytic anemia patientsFolate deficiency