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What are two causes of eugonadotropic amenorrhea?Imperforate hymen and mullerian duct abn
What is hematocolpos?Accumulation of blood in the vaginal canal; due to imperforate hymen
Left-sided colon cancer presents how?Intestinal obstruction
Right-sided colon cancer presents how?Systemic symptoms, and low levels of blood loss, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, fatigue and pallor
What does matching control for in a case control study?Condounding; variables chosen to be "matched" should be confouding variables such as age and race
Hypocretins are secreted from where?Lateral hypothalamus? Promote wakefullness and prevent REM sleep related phenomena
ANP and NO Intracellular signaling?Guanylate cyclase and cGMP
IgA protease?Degrades IgA; produced by N. gonorrhea
What is our major protective mechanism against C. diff infection?Intestinal biomass! All the other bacteria outcompeting C. Diff
What does arnold chiari malformation 2 present with?lumbar myelomeningocele and hydrocephalus
What are common drugs used as prophylaxis in migraine?B-blockers, and calcium channel blockers; topiramate, TCA's, valproate
How does an obstructive lesion in mainstem bronchus present?Lung opacification and deviation of the mediastinum (trachea) to that side (atelectssis)
When would trachea deviate toward an opacified lung?Pleural effusion (large)
WHat is the order of use-dependence in class 1 antiarrythmics?1C>1A>1B
What are the class 1B antiarrythmics?Lidocaine, mexiletine, and tocainide
What is CD31?PECAM1: an member of immunoglob family expressed on the surface of endothelial cells that functions in leukocyte migration through the the endothelium
Liver angiosarcoma?A Rare malignant vascular endothelial cell neoplasm; Associated with carcinogen expsoure: arsenic (pesticides), thorotrast (radioactive contrast medium), polyvinyl chloride (plastic used widely in industry_
How is IL-2 effective in metastatic melanoma and RCCIt stimulates T cells and NK cells
What are the sx of PCOS?Elevated estrogen, androgen, and LH: hyperadorgenism, hirsutism, chronic anovluation, oligomenorrhea, multiple cysts in ovaries, acne, obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia
Why can frequent bladder infections induce pyelonephritis?Vesicoureteral junction can be weakened resulting in reflux

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