390 Exam 1 Vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
Erythmia superficial reddening of skin, patchy. Result of injury or irritation causing dilation of capillaries
BellLow-pitched sounds
DiaphragmHigh-pitched sounds
CrepitusGrating sound or sensation produced by friction between bones and cartilage
NormocephalicPt holds head erect and midline, head is symmetrical and round, proportionate to body
NystagmusRapid fluttering of eyeballs
Palpebral Fissurewhen squint, should be symmetrical on both sides (looking for droopy eye lid)
Claudicationleg cramps
PeristalsisWavelike movements
Pulsationsregular beats of movement in midline

Section 2

Question Answer
DistendedLarge protrusion of the abdomen due to fat, fluid, flatus or hernias (protrusions through the abdominal muscle wall are visible)
EdemaExcess fluid in the interstitial space
AscitesExtra fluid in abdomen tissue
HerniaIntestine/bowel sticks out through abdominal wall
PruritusMedical term for itching
BruitsPulse of blood going through narrow space
StereogenosisThe mental perception of depth or three-dimensionality by the senses, usually in reference to the ability to perceive the form of solid objects by touch.
GraphesthesiaAbility to recognize writing on the skin purely by the sensation of touch
DULLNESSIn fluid or solid tissue (can indicate pneumonia or a tumor)
HYPERRESONANCEIn the presence of air (can indicate pneumothorax or emphysema)
DyspneaDifficulty breathing
TachypneaAbnormally fast breathing
ApneaWithout breathe
HemoptysisCoughing up blood
SOBShortness of Breath
WOBWorking on Breathing
KyphosisHump back
Loridosis"Inverted" back