37. Resting Membrane Potential

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1. Originates by the equilibrium formed by the movement of ions across a semi-permeable membrane.
2. Can be calculated by 3 diff equations.


Question Answer
Nernst EquationAssumes membrane is permeable to only 1 kind of ions
Donnan's EquationAssumes there is an uneven distribution of ions due to non-diffusable polycat/anions
Goldman's EquationCalculates the stationary voltage, does not assume a thermodynamic equilibrium


3. Goldman's is most precise
4. Can be measured directly using a glass microelectrode. The end must be smaller that 1micrometer.
5. It can be filled with KCl or a substance that inhibits some of the ion channels, to test the effects.
6. Attached to an amplifier and then an Oscilloscope to produce an image.

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