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China's first and greatest inventionGunpowder
Fireworks Beijing 200828 "footsteps", S to N
Instruments in opening ceremonyFou drums, Gu Qin
Icons showcasedSundial, Compass, four treasures, tea, movable type, hanzi, acrobatics, Yin & Yang
Important tomb discovered in AnyangLady Fu Hao's tomb
Who is the person discovered in tomb in AnyangLady Fu Hao, warrior queen of the Shang, wife of king Wu Ding
Jade symbolizes whatIt is hard and shiny, and cannot be broken, so morality
Cong/BiCong is the jar, symbolizes earth, Bi is the disk, symbolizes heaven
Who invented weapons, wells & fields, palaces & housesHuang Di, Yellow Emperor
Yellow emperor's right hand manThe Great Yu, controller of the floods, creator of the first administrative divisions
Father of agriculture and medicineShennong
Inventor of Yinyang & baguaFuxi
Bronze bells- how many?64, same number of bagua
Confucianismrules of humankind, ren, Annalects
DaoismWay of nature and cosmos, interdependence of opposites, water important
BambooBends but does not break, every part can be used, "to laugh" contains bamboo radical
Emperor that tried to start anew, clean slateQin Shihuang
Immortality: EastPenlai, marine voyage
Immortality, WestSi Wang Mu, queen mother of the West
Han Dynasty- attempt to restore what was lost in Qin
Wrote first history of ChinaSima Qian

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