316 Chem Kinetics + Drug Stability Quiz

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Chemical kineticsstudies rates of chem reactions + details of reaction mechanism
The variable of kineticstime
A + 2B --> 3P-dCa/dt = -(1/2)dCb/dt = (1/3)dCp/dt
Law of Mass ActionThe rate of an elementary rxn is propotional to the conc of the reactants raised to the powers of their stoich coefficients, independent of other conc and rxns
Zero Order-dc/dt = k, k = M/s,
First Order-dc/dt = kc, k = 1/sec,
Half-Life of First Order Reactionst(1/2) = ln2/k
Shelf-lifec = 0.9c0, t(90) = 0.105/k
Second Order-dc/dt = kc^2, k=1/(M/s),
Half Life of Second Order Reactionst(1/2) = 1/kc0
How to detrmine Reaction Order and Rate ConstantIntegrated equations, Isolation/pseudo-order techniques, Initial rate method
Integrated Equationsif rxn has reached sufficient extent, use equation, Order wrt time
Isolation/Pseudo-order techniquehave way more of one reactant than the other and ignore the second one, Order wrt concentration
Initial Rate methodkeep one reactant constant, vary starting conc of second reactant, detrmine initial rate at t=0
How to measure concentrationTitration, Gas chromatogarphy, Liquid chromatogaphy (HPLC), NMR, UV spectroscopy

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