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MTCMultiple-Tactical Data Link Capability
____ is the application that allows multiple data link input to GCCS using elements of the Join Service ____.MTC, ADSI (Air Defense System Integrator
____ can operate simultaneously on multiple data linksADSI. (links include tadil etc)
MTC is capable of ____ data from one TADIL system, ____ it and _____ it to another TADIL system.Accepting, Reformatting, Forwarding
LTNLocal Track Number, used internally by system for track ID
STNSystem Track Number, also known as NTDS
XREF and Geo filter accessible in?Track/Track Table
What is the strategic and tactical use of sea mines and their countermeasures?Mine Warfare
TBMDTheater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBM Data is transmitted via what broadcasts?IBS-S, IBS-I
IBS-SIntegrated Broadcast System - Simplex
IBS-IIntegrated Broadcast System - Interactive
Use this window to view a list of items potentially at risk from incoming missiles already in flight.Theater Summary
GCCS has capability to receive, maintain, and plot ____ location dataSatellite
____ is used to determine time periods when the presence or operations of military platforms (moving/stationary) are vulnerable to ____ or ____ satellites.Satellite Vulnerability Option, Reconnaissance, Surveillance
Decision makers/warfighters need satellite data to provide guidance for ____Emissions Control (EMCON)
Satellites are categorized in GCCS as ____.colors
CAPCombat Air Patrol
____ is one means of deterring an enemy from entering that keep out zone.CAP
CAP Engagement - ability to protect our ____High Value Units (HVU)
____ is a show of ____ and means of countering an enemy attack on an HVU.CAP, Power
To calculate important information about the threat, data includes threat's intercept course with the HVU.CAP Engagement Option
SARSearch And Rescue
Up to ____ SAR patterns can be plotted on the display.20
1 of 5 pre-defined SAR search patterns - Used when there is a small search area and the position of survivors is known to be within close limits.Expanding Square
____ are commonly used in the air community to designate points that aviators and air controllers will use in support of ____ operationsReference Points, air
What are the 3 options for Alert filters?Real Missile, Live Training, Simulated
ATAir Tasking
Air Tasking outlines daily ____ missions.flight
What are the two types of AT Data GCCS processes?USMTF ATOCONF, USMTF AC
Can you merge 2 ATO's together?Yes
ATOAir Tasking Order
The term ____ refers to a group of units that are positioned to protect a HVUFormation (Strike Group Formation)
(Strike Group Formations) The screen formations are ____ and ____Screen Kilo, Four Whiskey
Formation displays show assigned ____.ship's position
Formation displays can be ____ or ____.dynamic, static
What 3 ways can you plot Screen Kilo and Four Whiskey?User PT, Track, Route
40 characters max when entering formation name for ____.Four Whiskey
This provides the quickest point where a target can be ____.Quick Intercept, intercepted
This option is used to determine the CPA to a contact.Quick CPA
Limit Lines function performs two operations.Limit Lines Bearings Only, Limit Lines and Avoidance Bearings
Determine whether or not a threat can approach within a given range of a user defined point or track.Limit Line Bearings Only
Limit Lines and Avoidance Bearings.protect from threat in area
ISDS Intelligence Shared Data Server
IMDBImage Management Database
____ provides structures for information about intelligence imagery, such as data on the type and location of ____.Image Management Database (IMDB), imagery
GCCS ____ management is performed on the ____.I3, Intelligence Shared Data Server
T/F Microsoft Power PointTrue