#3 Pregnancy Test #4 114 (Postpartum systemic changes)

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involutionduring postpartum period, reproductive organs return to non-pregnant state
Oxytocinassists in involution, acts on smooth muscle of uterus, causing contractions needed for uterine involution, stimulates muscle cells surrounding breast alveoli, causing them to eject milk into ducts during breast-feeding.
Immediately after birth of placenta, uterine fundus is midway between the what and whatsymphysis pubis and umbilicus
how long does it take the fundus to rise to teh umbilicus after birth?within 12 hours
Uterus decreases approximately 1cm/fingerbreadth per day until it is non-palpable externally by ___ days10
Contracted uterus is firm to prevent what?post partum hemorrhage
How/why is the uterus contracted and firm?through ligation of the uterine arteries by contraction
Uterus is longer and wider in mothers who have a _____cesarean section
Uterus is shorter in mothers who ___breast - feed
Lociapostpartum vaginal discharge, returning uterine lining or endometrium to nonpregnant state
Locia rubra (1st)lasts 2-18 days, Dark red and fleshy odor (blood from placenta site, amnotic membrane, cells from decidua basalis, vernix, and lanugo from infant's skin and meconium)
Lochia serosa (2nd)lasts approximately a week, pinkish (composed of blood placental site exudates, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cervical mucus, microorganisms, and decidua)
Lochia Alba (3rd)most females have vaginal discharge from 10 days to 5 or 6 weeks, whitish, yellow color, composed of leukocytes, mucus, bacteria, epithelial cells, and decidua
Colostrumfirst breast milk
prolactinincreases milk production, 2-3 days after birth
Circulatory system changes to watchthromboembolism
Renal system changes to watchdiuresis
What test do you use to asses clots?Homen's sign
Why could hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy?Due to increased pelvic pressure or pushing during childbirth
Bowel movements usually restart how many days post partum?2 - 3
where are the hormones estrogen and progesterone secreted from?placenta
non-breast feeding mothers, menses return at ___ weeks postpartum6 - 10
lactating mother, menses usually do not return for ___ weeks or more12
exclusive breast-feeding and introduction of solid foods after 6 months, amenorrhea may last____?a year or more

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head to toe postpartum assessmentBUBBLESHE
Episiotomy/perineum (REEDA)E - rips? tears?
Support SystemS - Family? financial?
Homan's sign and extremetiesH - clotting and edema
emotional stateE - sane? happy? sad?
REEDAredness, ecchymosis, edema, discharge, approximation; useful for assessing wound healing or presence of inflammation or infection
Homan's signbend toes to shin, assess for pain, pain may indicate clot