3.3.6 practice questions

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which of the following mother board power connectors typically connect directly to the mother board (select two)4-pin CPU power and 24-pin mother board power
which is the best expansion slot for high-end dedicated video cards?PCIe x16
which of the following objects should you place between the motherboard and the system case?standoffs
which of the following objects is placed between the sytem case and the motherboard's back I/O portsfaceplate
which of the folloing connectors are part of the sytem case adn connect to the header pins on the motherboard? (select two)HDD LED Activity and power switch
you have computer with a dual-core processor. you would like to upgrade to a quad-core processor, but you dont want to replace the mother board. which of the following should you do first?read the motherboard documentation to identify which processors are supported

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