2D CAD Terms

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On this page you will learn some of the terms relating to 2D CAD. Good Luck!

2D CAD Terms


Question Answer
2D CADdigital drawing board used to generate 2D CAD drawings
Arrayrepeat graphic in square or circular pattern
Copy and Pastemake identical copies of graphics
Constraintlock or force a graphic to be a certain size or angle
Extendmake line longer until it touches another one
Gridregularly spaced lines and dots which improve speed and accuracy
Grid Lock/Snapforce cursor or line to attach to grid
Grouplock a selection of graphics together

More 2D CAD Terms


Question Answer
Mirrormake a symmetrical copy of graphic
Movereposition graphic on page
Panmove view point of object without zooming out
Perpendicularforce line to be at 90 degrees to another line
Rotateturn graphic round a centre point
Scaleincrease or decrease size of graphical item
Tangentforce line to touch circle or arc at one point
Trimremove part of line that crosses another one
Zoommagnify in or out from graphical item

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