27 Amendments and 7 Articles

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1 AmendmentFreedom of Press, Religion, Assemble, Speech, and Petition
2 AmendmentRight to Bear Arms
3 AmendmentNo Quartering Troops
4 AmendmentProhibits unreasonable searches and seizures
5 AmendmentProtection against Double Jeopardy, self-incrimination and abuse by court. Right to be charged by grand jury. Cannot be forced to testify against himself or herself
6 AmendmentGuarantees the right to a speedy trail by jury. right to be told what crime accused of. Right to see and hear all witnesses. Right to a lawyer.
7 AmendmentGuarantees the right to a jury in all civil cases
8 AmendmentForbids Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Outlawed of excessive bail.
9 AmendmentUnnumbered Rights.
10 AmendmentPowers reserved to the states. Gave rights not given to the federal government to people and/ or states.
11 AmendmentProhibits citizens of one state or foreign country from suing another state.
12 AmendmentAdded the separation of the president and Vice- President onto two different ballots
13 AmendmentAbolishes Slavery
14 AmendmentCitizenship, due process equal protection
15 AmendmentGranted men to vote
16 AmendmentFederal Income Tax
17 AmendmentDirect election of Senators
18 AmendmentProhibition made Alcohol illegal to make, transport, and sell
19 AmendmentWoman's Suffrage/ Right to vote
20 AmendmentPresidential Term starts January 20th ("Lame Duck Amendment)
21 Amendment Repeals Prohibition (18th Amendment)
22 Amendment2 Terms for President (Limited)
23 AmendmentDistrict of Columbia- people can vote for President
24 AmendmentEnds Poll Taxes
25 AmendmentSuccession President- Vice President- Speaker of House of Representatives
26 AmendmentCan Vote at the age of 18
27 AmendmentCongressional pay raises can't go into effect until after the next congressional election

Section 2

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Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Relations Among the States
Article 5Amendment
Article 6Supreme Law of the Land
Article 7Ratification

Section 3