27 Amendments and 7 Articles

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Section 1

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1 AmendmentFreedom of Press, Religion, Assemble, Speech, and Petition
2 AmendmentRight to Bare Arms
3 AmendmentQuartering Troops
4 AmendmentSearches and seizures
5 AmendmentSelf accusation
6 AmendmentCriminal Trial rights
7 AmendmentCivil Trial rights
8 AmendmentCruel punishments or excessive bail
9 AmendmentPeople keep rights not listed
10 AmendmentDiffered power to states, then people
11 AmendmentNo suing a state
12 AmendmentDifferent ballots for president and vice president
13 AmendmentAbolishes Slavery
14 AmendmentNatural born have full rights
15 AmendmentAll races can vote
16 AmendmentFederal Income Tax
17 AmendmentDirect election of Senators
18 AmendmentProhibition made Alcohol illegal to make, transport, and sell
19 AmendmentWomen can vote
20 AmendmentPresidential Term starts January 20th
21 Amendment Repeals Prohibition (18th Amendment)
22 AmendmentPresident terms limited
23 AmendmentDC can vote
24 AmendmentNo poll taxes
25 AmendmentSuccession President- Vice President- Speaker of House of Representatives
26 Amendment18 voting age
27 AmendmentCongressional pay raises can't go into effect until after the next congressional election

Section 2

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Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Relations Among the States
Article 5Amendment
Article 6Supreme Law of the Land
Article 7Ratification

Section 3