241-7 Functional Groups

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Which functional groups are polar?All but Methyl
What is the compound name of hydroxyls?Alcohol
What is -OH?Hydroxyl
What are all the functional groups?Hydroxyl, Carbonyl, Carboxyl, Phosphate, Sulfhydrl, Methyl, Amino
What is C=0?Carbonyl
What are sugars with ketone groups called?Ketoses
What are sugars with aldehydes called?Aldoses
Carbonyl acid is within a carbon skeleton....It's a ketone
Carbonyl acid is at the end of a carbon skeleton....It's an aldehyde
Which functional group's compound name are ketones and aldehydes?Carbonyl

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What is -COOH?Carboxyl
Which functional group can act as an acid by donating H+? (because the covalent bond between O and H is so polar)Carboxyl
What is the compound name of carboxyls?Carboxylic/organic acid
What is NH2?Amino
Which functional group acts as a base?Amino
What is the compound name of the amino group?Amine
What is SH?Sulfhydryl
What is a cross link and what does it do?SH groups react, forming a cross link that helps stabilize protein structure
What is the compound name of Sulfhydryl?Thiol
What is OPO3^2-?Phosphate
What does a phosphate group do?Contributes either -1 or -2 charge, gives molecule the ability to react with water when attached
When doe the phosphate group give a -1 charge?When positioned inside a chain of phosphates
When does the phosphate group give a -2 charge?When at the end of a chain of phosphates

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What is the compound name of phosphates?Organic phosphate
What is CH3?Methyl
What is the compound name of methyl?Methylated compound
What does methyl affect?The expression of genes when on DNA or the proteins bound to DNA, and the shape and function of sex hormones

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