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Module 1

Question Answer
WAI or ________________ is a tool designed to help leaders as well as small groups raise a member's self-awareness.Who am I
A leader asks a follower to look at a particular problem differently or from another perspective, this describes what FRLM behavior?Intellectual Stimulation
Which of the following are considered examples of reflective learning?All of the responses are correct (after-action reports, feedback sessions, & journaling)
Self-awareness is the ability for us to recognize and understand ourAll of the responses are correct (emotions, moods, & drives)
Participation and critical thinking are two behavioral dimensions for determining the effectiveness of _______________.followers
Reflection is when we recall important life events that were critical in shaping our personality and values.True
Transactional leaders inspire and energize their followers to accomplish more than was originally intended.False
Loyalty is a follower competency that reflects deep commitment to the organization and the organization's goals.True
Inspirational Motivation is the FRLM behavior that is demonstrated by clearly articulating an organization's vision.True
Social identity describes the overall association that a person derives from a particular social group.True
Captain Green provides mentorship for one of his Airmen, this describes which FRLM behavior?Individual Consideration
When a leader is focused on high moral behavior during a leadership solution, this is a transformational style of leadership demonstrating _______________ as the dominant behavior, according to the FRLM.Idealized Influence
The Laissez-Faire leadership style is actually effective leadership.False

Module 2

Question Answer
Once root cause is identified, countermeasures are selected to eliminate the abnormality and return to expected outcomes.True
Addressing the root cause of a possible problem may prevent rework or help discover that there may not be a problem at all.True
The Army uses the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) for basic decisions.True
The AFSO21 process is based on four major Process Improvement Philosophies.True
The second phase of the OODA Loop is _______________.Orient
The first phase of the OODA Loop is ________________.Observe
Performance Gap Analysis and Bottleneck Analysis are the two tools prescribed for _______________ and identifying performance gaps.breaking down a problem
Which of the following are major Process Improvement Philosophies of AFSO21?All of the responses are correct (6 Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints)
The AFSO21 Playbook describes six root cause tools that may help leaders with problem clarification and identification, which of the following apply?Pareto Analysis, All of the responses are correct, 5 Whys, Affinity Diagram
The _______ Loop was developed by Col John Boyd in the 1950s as a quick problem solving model.OODA
Step eight is the most commonly skipped step of the entire AF Eight-Step Problem-Solving Process.True
The AFSO21 Playbook describes __________ root cause tools that may help leaders with problem clarification and identification.six
The critical ________________ step of the AFSO21 Eight-Step Problem Solving Process is to Clarify and Validate the Problem.First
Root cause analysis requires critical analysis of _______________ factors that influence a problem or challenge.causal
Also known as cause and effect diagrams, Control Charts provide a simple way to visually depict the relationship between specific categories of process inputs and undesirable inputs.False

Module 3

Question Answer
Accountability failure may erode the trust that the American public has for the military.True
The decision to issue a letter of counseling, admonition, or reprimand should be based on the nature of the incident and previous disciplinary record of the member concerned.True
The process used to develop the thinking skills and frames of reference for sequential and progressive leader development is mentoring.True
The indirective approach to counseling relies on both the rater and ratee to develop solutions and offers the greatest flexibility.False
A member has 30 duty days to respond and provide rebuttal matters to written counseling (30 days for EAD reservists).False
The wording in the commissioning oath which states "I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion" is an example of responsibility as a core concept to the military profession.True
Organizational/Structural diversity describes organizational/institutional background characteristics affecting interaction, including service, component, and occupation/career field.True
According to the Military Commander and the Law, _______________ are corrective in nature; however, they are NOT punitive.All of the responses are correct (counselings, reprimands, admonitions)
Discipline is a critical concept manifested in individuals and unit cohesion that may include:All of the responses are correct (spirit of teamwork, mutual respect, deference to seniors)
Global diversity describes intimate knowledge of and experience with foreign languages and ___________, inclusive of both citizen and non-citizen personnel, exchange officers, coalition partners, and foreign nationals with whom we interact as part of a globally engaged Air Force.cultures
Regarding team building considerations, ceremonies and rituals utilized to celebrate special achievements or mark anniversaries may include:All of the responses are correct (quarterly awards, farewell dinners, retirements)
The unit commander must review all ________ within 90 days of assuming (or being appointed to) command.UIFs
Common process issues that reduce decision quality may include: member inhibition, _______________.All of the responses are correct (polarization, groupthink, hasty decisions)
Cognitive/behavioral diversity describes differences in styles of work, and which other differences?All of the responses are correct (thinking, personality, learning)
Written counseling, admonition, and reprimand are subject to the rules of _______________ as outlined in the Air Force Privacy Act Program.All of the responses are correct (access, protection, disclosure)
A team pertains to a small task group whereby members have a common purpose, interdependent roles, and _______________.complementary skills
Demographic attributes such as ________________ contribute to a team's member diversity.All of the responses are correct (gender, age, ethnicity)
An officer unfavorable information file (UIF) must be established when an officer receives nonjudicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ.True
Diversity is a composite of individual characteristics, experiences, and abilities consistent with the Air Force Core Values and Mission.True

Module 4

Question Answer
Generating short-term wins describes a stage of Kotter's Eight-Stage process that involves leaders supporting a change initiative in order to get followers onboard.False
During the PPBE process, Planning defines and examines alternative strategies and analyzes external conditions and trends within the Air Force financial management (FM) system.True
During the PPBE process, Execution matches available resources such as fiscal, manpower, and materiel against validated requirements to achieve the strategic plan and submit program proposals.False
Raising the tonnage being airlifted and cutting down the accident rate were General Tunner's two main goals after taking charge of the India-China Division (ICD) of Air Transport Command in 1944.True
The customer support team includes civilian pay technicians, disbursing officer, military pay and travel representatives within the Air Force financial management system.True
The _______________ oversees the financial management of the organization.Resource Advisor
The _______________ "owns" all base resources and is ultimately responsible for the execution of these resources within the Air Force financial management (FM) system.Wing Commander
The ___________ of subordinate units, normally one or two levels below the wing commander, and consisting of group and squadron commanders and/or deputy commanders are referred to as Responsibility Center Managers within the financial management (FM) system.commanders
In the lesson "Leading Change," one author, Kotter (1996), compiled a list of eight mistakes or errors that affect most organizational change efforts. From the list below select all that would be on Kotter's list of eight mistakes:All of the responses are correct (Declaring victory too soon, Allowing too much complacency, Failing to create short-term wins)
Which of the following were considered EEIs (Essential Elements of Information) during the Osama bin Laden raid?All of the responses are correct (Visitor patterns, Internet non-availability, Compound trash burning)
The __________ Analysis aids in the strategic planning process by assessing internal (strengths, weaknesses) or external (opportunities, threats) issues affecting an organization.SWOT
The CoE conducts economic analyses (EA), business case analyses, and other analytical services.True
During the PPBE process, Programming is carried out at MAJCOM, wing, and unit level. Air Force MAJCOMs are allocated their share of obligation authority to execute their missions.False
The comptroller conducts economic analyses (EA), business case analyses, and other analytical services.False
Creating the guiding coalition (Kotter's Eight-Stage process) ensures that leaders have enough key players onboard to make an organizational impact.True
In your course reading, globalization of markets (one of the pressures for change) could refer to emerging new industrial countries.True
The Comptroller acts as the Chief Financial Officer (CFA) for the installation.True
During the PPBE process, Budgeting provides a platform for a detailed review of a program's pricing, phasing, and overall capability to be executed on time and within budget for the Air Force financial management (FM) system.True