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a woman who is unable to carry a fetus to term because of a severe risk to her health. What is the term for this type of abortion?C) Therapeutic abortion
Which of the following statements accurately describes a characteristic of the stem cell?B) Stem cells give way to specialized cells.
Which of the following is an issue surrounding guidelines to the amount of information that should be given to this patient?D) In some cultures, both physicians and families strongly believe that those who are ill should be protected from bad news
Which of the following guidelines supports current practice when using behavior control on a client?D) Methods that work through the cognitive and affective structure of a person are preferred treatment.
Which of the following best describes the term rationing of healthcare?B) Providing a planned approach to the use of limited resources.
Which of the following factors has contributed most significantly to the importance of bioethical issues in healthcare?B) The development of new healthcare technologies
The history of family planning in the United States has been characterized by controversies. Which of the following statements most accurately conveys an aspect of these controversies?C) The Roman Catholic church states that the purpose of all sexual activity is the creation of new life
Which of the following aspects of IVF is most often contentious?A) The number of fertilized ova normally exceeds the number of children that a woman desires.
Which of the following is currently the most commonly-accepted criterion for death?D) The cessation of brain activity
A couple has chosen to explore the use of a surrogate mother. In most states, this would involveC) the drafting of a detailed contract between the surrogate mother and the couple.
Which of the following events most clearly constitutes active euthanasia?B) At his and his wife's request, a doctor provides a man with a fatal dose of phenytoin.
Which of the following situations constitutes the most acceptable application of the withholding and/or withdrawal of treatment?A) A competent patient expresses a desire that hydration and nutrition be discontinued.
The ethics of transplantation primarily surround the fact thatD) the demand for organs greatly exceeds the available supply.
Which of the following bioethical issues is most applicable to the HGP?C) The HGP provides information that has the potential to influence the selection of behavioral attributes.
At present, gene therapy is primarily limited byC) the difficulty in producing safe, consistent therapeutic results.
The National Quality Forum (NQF) of 2002 included which of the following?A) A list of serious reportable events that was aimed at increasing public accountability
Which of the following occurrences would be considered a sentinel event?B) A patient accesses the medication chart and takes a medication.C) The family member of a patient physically threatens a nurse.D) A physician makes sexually inappropriate comments to a nurse.
One of the safe practices identified by the National Quality Forum (NQF) is to match healthcare needs with service delivery capability. This practice is demonstrated byB) conducting high-risk procedures in hospitals that perform a large numbers of the same procedure
These nurse leaders should recognize that the largest proportion of sentinel events involve which of the following?A) Lapses in communication
healthcare organizations to reduce the incidence and impact of errors. How has the Joint Commission acted to facilitate these improvements in care?D) By standardizing the measures by which safety in hospitals is gauged
What characteristic is most important to care settings that possess a culture of safety?C) Nurses feel that they can report errors, near misses, and adverse events without being punished or denounced
Which of the following statements best exemplifies the “R” component of the SBAR tool?D) “I think that we should decrease Mr. Young's IV rate.”
What action will the care team perform during a time out?B) Gathering each member of the surgical team to acknowledge and confirm that the correct surgery will be performed on the correct patient
A hospital that wishes to reduce the rate of failure to rescue should prioritize what measure?A) Encouraging nurses to spend a greater amount of time at the bedside.
A registered nurse with an ADN degree who floats between several different medical and surgical units. Fifth 12-hour shift in a row and she committed a medication error. What factor is most likely to have contributed to this adverse event?C) The fact that Alana was working overtime
Which of the following measures has the greatest potential to reduce the incidence of injuring among residents?A) A comprehensive falls prevention program
In light of the potential for drug errors, how should the nurse best record the drug order?A) Digoxin 0.125 mg PO daily
A hospital has recently implemented a barcode point of care (BPOC) system. This system will require the nurse toC) scan patient wristbands and medication containers prior to medication administration.
Which of the following measures carries the greatest potential to reduce medication errors?D) Taking action to reduce distractions to nurses while they are administering medications
A nurse who works in a busy, university hospital is committed to improving patient safety at the hospital. In order to meet this goal, what action should the nurse prioritize?C) Critically examining systems and processes at the hospital with the aim of suggesting improvements
A goal of community nursing is to provide primary prevention from disease. Which of the following nursing actions reflect this goal?A) A nurse creates a pamphlet discussing heart-healthy foods and distributes it in the neighborhood community center.
A nurse decides to pursue a career in community-based nursing. Which of the following statements represents the environment in which the nurse will be working?D) Care in the community is cost-effective.
The movement of a client from acute care to a long-term nursing care facility involves planning to provide continuity of care. What is the term for this type of planning?D) Transition planning
A nurse is called into work to perform triage in the aftermath of an earthquake. Which of the following are the expected responsibilities of this nurse?C) Screen victims to prioritize treatment.
Which of the following is an accurate fact regarding alternative care that the nurse should share with this client?B) Alternative providers are not usually included in the federal HIPAA legislation that mandates confidentiality in conventional healthcare settings.
Nurses who are to provide excellent care in a community setting should prioritize which of the following?A) Integrating culture and family into the planning and delivery of care
Which of the following statements best conveys a central aspect of the philosophy of community care?A) The client is in charge of his or her health and healthcare in the community.
Mr. Hammond is a 70-year-old man with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes who developed a diabetic foot ulcer earlier this year. Karen is a community health nurse who provides wound care for Mr. Hammond twice weekly. Which of Karen's actions is most likely to empower Mr. Hammond?B) Provide information to Mr. Hammond that matches his expressed needs.
How should the community health nurse respond to the client's reluctance to make independent decisions?C) Accommodate this aspect of the client's family dynamics when planning and carrying out care
A client with a long-standing diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has been enrolled in a disease management program. Which of the following activities will be prioritized in this program?A) Providing comprehensive and evidence-based care of the client's COPD
One of the expressed goals of Healthy People 2020 is to achieve health equity and eliminate disparities. What health indicator can most accurately gauge whether this goal is being achieved?D) Access to healthcare services
Which of the following actions is most likely to improve the health of a community?B) Advocating politically for laws and policies that foster community health
The discharge planning process should beginB) as soon as possible after the patient is admitted.
A hospital patient has discussed with the nurse her use of visualization, biofeedback, and relaxation exercises in managing the chronic pain that results from her fibromyalgia. The nurse should recognize this patient's use of what category of complementary/alternative medicine (CAM)?D) Mind-body medicine
A hospital patient who suffered a spinal cord injury has expressed an interest in exploring complementary/alternative therapies. The nurse should encourage the patient to begin this process by doing which of the following activities?C) Finding reliable evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of therapies
Which of the following statements accurately reflects the nurse's responsibility for patient outcomes in today's workplace?A) Tasks can be delegated, but accountability cannot be delegated.
Which of the following statements accurately describes a basic guideline for using communication skillfully?D) Managers should present direction as briefly as possible while still providing adequate data
What is the primary objective of a performance appraisal?B) Maintain and develop employee performance
Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective performance evaluation system?C) The final disposition of the appraisal is shared with the employee.
Which of the following is a recommended guideline to help this student manage her time?A) Start working on a project for 10 minutes, and quit if tired or bored.
Which of the following actions best demonstrates transformational leadership?D) The leader takes action to build trust and relationships between him or her and the employees
The manager of a hospital unit has unilaterally decided on a change in the way that overtime is distributed among the nursing staff What leadership style is exemplified by this manager?D) Autocratic leadership
What action should a nursing leader take to foster employee empowerment?B) Share information as openly as possible in order to make employees aware of problems.
Jennifer is a registered nurse who works in a busy emergency department. As one of her goals for the current year, Jennifer has resolved to develop her emotional intelligence. How should Jennifer best meet her goal?C) Become more aware of the way that her emotions function and how they influence her actions.
A recent nursing graduate has asked an expert nurse how best to foster her leadership abilities, since she wishes to explore leadership opportunities later in her career. How should the expert nurse best respond?C) “Develop your interpersonal skills by having a wide variety of interactions.”
Rather than responding in a confrontational tone the nurse has paused to think of the best response to the patient's statements. In doing so, the nurse has exhibitedA) self-regulation.
After returning from lunch, the nurse confirmed with the colleague that the scheduled vital signs were taken, to which the colleague replied, “Yes, it seems like I'm covering you a whole lot lately.” How should the nurse best respond to the colleague's statement?D) “Could you explain what you mean by that?”
In recent years, an increasing amount of this communication has involved e-mails and text messages. When using these communication media, the nurse shouldA) take action to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained.
It has been a frantic morning on the hospital unit and the nurse is unsure whether she will be able to complete her required tasks on time before her scheduled lunch break. Which of the following is the nurse's most appropriate response to this problem?B) Determine if more of her tasks could be delegated to another member of the care team.
In the context of a performance appraisal, which of the following are appropriate performance criteria?B) The nurse's written job description C) The institution's policies and procedures D) Nursing standards of practice