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What is the basic tenet of “shared governance”?A) It allows nursing staff and management to be involved in decision-making.
A nurse is assigned for the care of each patient from the time the patient is admitted to the hospital until that patient's discharge. What system of care delivery is most likely in place?B) Primary care
Nurses working in a hospital initiate a negotiating session in which they offer to take a pay cut to allow management to provide job security and to hire more nurses to alleviate understaffing. What is the term for this type of session?C) Concession bargaining
Once the strike is resolved, what are their options for being rehired by the facility under the “reinstatement privilege” that is in effect in their contract?B) They will be rehired after the strike as positions become available provided they have not engaged in unfair labor practices.
Which of the following statements accurately reflects the general use of the grievance process by nurses?A) Grievances usually are related to interpretations of a contract or to policies and procedures.
As part of the development of a new inner-city clinic, a group of nurses and members of other health disciplines have drafted a mission statement for the clinic. This statement will most likely specifyB) the main goals and functions that the organizers envision for the clinic.
Which of the following conditions must be met in order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of a healthcare organization?B) The chain of command must be explicitly and clearly delineated.
After the meeting, the nurse felt misunderstood and rebuffed by the manager. How should the nurse determine who in the organization to meet with next?D) Refer to the hospital's chain of command
Which of following aspects of amending the assessment template best exemplifies the concept of shared governance?A) Managers and nurses cooperatively make a change and share accountability for the outcomes
hospital has recently been granted Magnet Recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This designation suggests that the hospitalB) has lower staff turnover than most hospitals.
A nurse who has a baccalaureate degree in nursing has begun working at a hospital in which the principles of primary care nursing are used to organize care. Which of the following actions should the nurse anticipate?D) Being responsible for specific patients from the time of their admission to the time of discharge
Which of the following milestones in the history of collective bargaining resulted from the 1974 amendment of the Taft-Hartley Act (Labor Management Relations Act)?D) Nonprofit hospitals were obliged to bargain with nurses around wages and working conditions.
Which of the following issues is most likely to be addressed in a contract for nurses?A) The process that should be followed when distributing overtime work
Which of the following statements by nurses best conveys one of the primary concerns that are prevalent among nurses?C) “I'm not sure that joining a union is congruent with the philosophy of the nursing profession.”
Concern around the involvement of state nurses associations in collective bargaining. What factor most often underlies such concerns?C) It can be difficult to reconcile the professional obligations of nurses associations with their role in bargaining.
Which of the following clients would be a good candidate to receive care in an assisted-living facility?B) A 78-year-old widower who is living independently but needs help with preparing meals, doing laundry, and remembering to take his medications.
Which member of the healthcare team would the nurse contact to help Mr. Kline learn how to feed himself using modified utensils?D) Occupational therapist
Which of the following is a current trend related to the education and scope of practice of healthcare providers within the healthcare system?C) There is a short supply of qualified individuals in most health occupations, including nursing.
Which of the following statements is an accurate representation of the nature of healthcare coverage available worldwide?D) In most of the industrialized world, governmental healthcare systems are in place to accomplish overall health outcomes.
Mr. Gomez is a patient on Medicare receiving care in a hospital following cardiac surgery. What method would be used to determine payment for the services provided for this client?D) Diagnosis-related groups
a hospital that is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church. According the classification system of healthcare organizations that is based on ownership, how would this hospital be classified?C) Nonprofit organization
The number and importance of hospitals increased greatly during the development of the American healthcare system. Which of the following phenomena have contributed to this trend?A) Increased health literacy of the American publicB) The development of more sophisticated medical technology D) The development of professional nursingE) The growth of the health insurance industry
Historically, health insurance was for hospital care and related services only. What effect did this characteristic have on the health behaviors of individuals enrolled in such plans?A) Some individuals neglected health promotion measures.
In 2010 the US Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as the Healthcare Reform. This Act aims to change the provision of healthcare in the United States byD) requiring every American to be enrolled in some type of health insurance plan.
A 63-year-old man has qualified for Medicaid. His qualification for Medicaid will be based primarily on what factor?B) His income
A hospital is currently undergoing scrutiny in terms of a number of hospital healthcare outcomes. Which of the following would be considered an outcome?B) The incidence of nosocomial infections in the hospital
How can a nurse best exercise power to move the provision of healthcare in a positive direction?A) By participating in shared governance
What effect has increased technology primarily had on the provision of healthcare?D) Sophisticated health technologies can improve patient outcomes but increase healthcare costs greatly.
Many consumers and advocacy groups in the United States have raised concerns around the practices of the pharmaceutical industry. These concerns are most often motivated by the fact thatC) drug costs are higher in the US than in many other industrialized countries.
How can Nurse T. best help Mr. James, and other patients, navigate the healthcare system effectively and efficiently?D) Become familiar with the organization of healthcare and apply this knowledge to patient teaching.
reflects an element of the crisis surrounding liability insurance in the United States?C) Laws in some states are being amended to restrict the monetary liability of any party according to the percentage of responsibility.
The law requires that a person give voluntary and informed consent for medical treatment. Which of the following statements accurately describes this legal obligation?D) The courts do not accept the client's medical condition alone as a valid reason for withholding information when seeking consent.
A nurse working in a hospital setting is accused of malpractice. Which statement accurately represents a legal element of this type of negligence?A) Malpractice is present only if a breach of duty was the cause of the harm.
An attorney representing a client in a malpractice case attends a deposition. What might occur in this proceeding?A) A sworn, verbatim record is made by a court reporter.
A nurse is called to testify as an expert witness in a malpractice suit. Which of the following guidelines contains prudent advice for this nurse?C) Pause during the testimony to allow your attorney to object if appropriate.
A nurse is aware that the nurse practice act in her state provides the legal framework for her scope of practice. A nurse practice act is an example ofC) enacted law.
Which of the following actions may constitute a violation of HIPAA?A) A nurse identifies a patient whom he recently cared for on his Facebook page.
Which of the following statements regarding the legal standing of institutional policies is most accurate?C) Established policies may be considered common law by a court
Which of the following actions is the clearest violation of criminal law?B) A nurse withheld opioids from a patient and then sold them.
Which of the following principles will be considered in the court's determination of liability?D) The nurse may be held liable if the action constituted a violation of the standard of care.
Mrs. Howe claims that her injuries were the result of negligence by the nurses on the unit. How would the court apply the principle of comparative negligence in this case?A) The court would determine what proportion of the patient's injuries was the result of her own actions.
Which of the following factors is most significant in the determination of Mr. Yamata's legal competence to refuse care?A) Mr. Yamata was recently diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer disease.
The son would have the right to refuse this treatment on his mother's behalf ifB) a durable power of attorney for healthcare names the son as a healthcare proxy.
Which of the following measures lessens the chance that the nurse will be faced with a false imprisonment suit?B) Use the least restrictive means possible to restrain patients.
Which of the following measures has the greatest potential to prevent a malpractice claim?D) Maintain a high-quality standard of nursing care
A mother and a daughter are taken to the emergency room for injuries suffered in a car accident.he nurse tells her that her daughter will be fine even though she does not know the exact extent This nurse's actions may have been guided by which of the following ethical theories?D) Utilitarianism
A client has advance directives for a DNR code (do not resuscitate). When the nurse is caring for this client, the client's wife asks him to “do everything in your power to keep my husband alive.” This nurse is most likely to experience which of the following moral challenges?B) Ethical dilemma
Which of the following statements accurately reflects one of the primary provisions of the ANA Code for Nurses?D) The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others.
A nurse helps a client work through an ethical dilemma by using an ethical decision-making framework. Which of the following statements describes a component of this process?D) The facts of a situation make a difference in the options that are possible.
Which of the following is an accurate guideline for reporting the chemical dependency of a colleague?C) Rely on an informed supervisor to assume responsibility for the problem.
A nurse on a palliative care unit has attended an educational inservice on ethics. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the concept of ethics?A) Ethics offers a process that can be used to guide behavior.
Which of the following situations most clearly constitutes a boundaries violation?A) A community health nurse continues weekly visits to a former client despite the fact that the client is no longer receiving care.
The nurse suspects that the colleague is taking the oxycodone from the unit for personal use. How should the nurse best follow up these suspicions?C) Report these suspicions to the unit supervisor
His wife, however, is distraught that he would “give up so quickly” and begs the nurse to convince him to pursue treatment. Which of the following ethical principles would underlie the nurse's decision to respect Mr. Bains' informed choice?D) Autonomy
The nurse opposes the ethics of elective abortion and refuses to participate in the procedures. However, the only hospital in the immediate area is the site of numerous elective abortions. How should the nurse account for this fact when seeking employment?B) Consider applying for a nursing position that will not involve abortion.
Because of the ethical ramifications of this, the care team has begun the process of making an ethical decision. This process should begin byC) clearly identifying the essential elements of the ethical problem.
a patient who has a long history of being admitted to hospital and then leaving against medical advice. Under the direction of the hospital ethics committee, a plan was created and implemented. What action should the care providers and the ethics committee take after the plan has been implemented?B) Assess the outcomes of applying the plan
The nurse notices that the colleague has spent much of the morning on the computer at the nurse's station and is allowing the student to perform every aspect of the patients' care. How should the nurse best respond to this colleague?D) Create a written report recording the facts of the morning.
One of Tom's colleagues has just confided in him that she erroneously gave her patient 16 mg of immediate-release hydromorphone instead of 16 mg of extended-release hydromorphone. . Which of the following statements best describes Tom's required response to this situation?A) Tom has a professional and legal responsibility to report this.
The nurse's attempts to discuss and address some significant and persistent lapses in care have been rebuffed by nurses and supervisors alike. What should the nurse do next?B) Resign from the unit