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Which of the following statements represents an element of this teamwork?C) Communication patterns in teams flow both up and down.
A client receives the care of a physician, a nurse, an occupational therapist, and a counselor working together as a team. What is the term for this type of healthcare?D) Interdisciplinary healthcare
Which of the following is a goal of team building?C) Creating a type of synergy when addressing client care
Which of the following tasks can an RN delegate to a UAP?B) Answering call lights
Which of the following is one of the NCSBN's five “rights” of delegation?C) Right circumstances
Which of the following actions is most likely to motivate a team member?C) Openly acknowledge team members who have made a particularly valuable contribution.
Which of the following statements is true of the delegation that the RN performs?A) The RN is accountable for the care that the other members of the team provide.
Which of these situations is an example of reactive change?B) A hospital's accreditation review revealed systemic problems and the hospital has been directed to resolve these.
Kurt Lewin's force-field theory of change is one of the most widely accepted and remains in current use today. The central concepts of this theory of change includeB) the relationship between driving forces and restraining forces.
Which of the following tasks will this nurse perform if he or she is to act as a change agent?A) Informing others about the need for change
A nurse leader has been commissioned to implement a new electronic documentation system in a hospital, replacing the existing paper-based system that has been in place for decades. What is the first step that this nurse should take toward facilitating this change?C) Understand how and why individuals are often resistant to change.
Jessica has just received word that there will be sweeping changes in the organization of care on the unit, a development that she finds intimidating since she has only recently become adept at working in the existing system. How should Jessica best respond to this news?C) Research alternatives to the change that has been proposed
Which of the following situations exemplifies interpersonal conflict?B) A recent graduate and a more experienced nurse disagree on the thoroughness of the recent graduate's assessments.
Alex is a nurse who has been taken aside by a colleague and the colleague has described another nurse as a “backstabber” and “battleaxe”. The colleague has gone on to give Alex details of ongoing conflict between the colleague and this nurse. Which conflict management technique should Alex apply in this situation?A) Withdrawing from conflict
In which of the following situations would the nurse be most likely justified in forcing the issue or competing?B) A nurse observed a colleague remove an opioid analgesic from the locked medication cupboard and put it in her pocket.
A nurse begins to feel comfortable on her unit and views client care in terms of long-range goals. She is able to prioritize among clients and deliberately plan her actions, which may still lack speed and flexibility. Which of Benner's levels of function has this nurse achieved?C) Competent
What is the name of this phenomenon first coined by Marlene Kramer?B) Reality shock
A counselor diagnoses a critical care nurse with having the syndrome known as burnout. Which of the following is a characteristic of this condition?C) Burnout is accompanied by a decreased ability to function on the job and at home.
A hospital manager is accused of quid pro quo sexual harassment. Which of the following is an action that might have been involved?B) Granting job-related benefits in return for sexual favors
A hospital manager evaluates the workplace to ensure that ergonomics are working. Which of the following statements describes this scientific theory?C) Ergonomics ensures that jobs are fitted to the physical abilities of the employees.
Which of the following nurses most likely faces the highest risk of burnout?B) A nurse who provides pediatric palliative care and who is disillusioned with the overall quality of care on the unit.
Which of the following actions should Melissa take in order to manage the stress in her life?C) Be vigilant in personal habits that result in adequate rest, a healthy diet, and adequate physical exercise.
This nurse's best response to his experience with reality shock is toD) seek input from a trusted nurse who can act as a coach or mentor.
What is the employer's responsibility in minimizing the nurse's risk of experiencing an injury or infection?A) The employer must provide all the necessary supplies and equipment to prevent injuries and infections.
Which of the following goals for the nursing profession is most appropriate?D) The nursing workforce should reflect the population for whom it provides care
When planning to address this issue with the hospital's leadership, the nurse should cite which of the following statements about increased nurse to patient ratios?A) Increased nurse to patient ratios are associated with a decline in patient outcomes.
A nurse was helping a colleague boost a patient higher in his bed she felt sudden pain in her lumbar region. How should the nurse follow up this event?D) Document the event as soon as possible using the hospital's designated forms.
Three times in the past several weeks a physician has commented on a nurse's body and each comment has been more explicit and sexually suggestive than the last. How should the nurse first respond to this form of sexual harassment?C) Confront the physician directly and explain that such comments are unacceptable and unwanted.
Which of the following care environments is associated with the greatest risk of physical violence?A) Psychiatric mental health
What action should the administrators prioritize in an effort to reduce the incidence of workplace violence?C) Train nurses how to effectively manage the behavior of aggressive patients and clients.
A nurse practicing in Alabama accepts a position in Connecticut. Which of the following would be the best resource to consult for a legal definition of nursing in that state?B) Nurse Practice Act
Which of the following statements accurately describes the political arena in which this nurse may become involvedA) Nurses can be involved in the political process as individuals, but they are far more effective when working in groups
Which of the following is an accurate representation of politics at the local level?C) Support for community services may depend on whether knowledgeable nurses voice their advocacy.
A nurse decides to become a member of NANDA-International (NANDA–I). Which of the following areas of the nursing process is he or she most likely interested in developing?B) Diagnosis
What is the main purpose of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)?C) Provide a forum for the legal regulatory bodies to act together in the regulation of nursing practice for the protection of the public
Which of the following statements provides the most accurate rationale for nurses' involvement in the political process?A) Involvement in the political process can lead to the effective allocation of resources.
A nurse has become aware of sweeping changes that are proposed for the state budget which may have ramifications for the funding of the inner-city clinic where the nurse provides care. In order to influence the decision-making process the nurse should firstB) clearly communicate her views on the matter to the appropriate legislators.
Which of the following groups are examples of the involvement of the federal government in healthcare?A) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)B) Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)C) National Institutes of Health (NIH)D) Center for Medical & Medicare Services (CMS)
A group of nurses have organized with the purpose of promoting an amendment to the nurse practice act that governs the profession. This group should direct their efforts toward what level of government?B) State
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between federal funding and local healthcare programs?C) Decisions around the allocation for federal funding are often made at the local level.
In 2010, the Quality and Affordable Care Act was passed, beginning the process of providing health coverage for all legal residents of the United States. This legislation has numerous ramifications for nurses, includingB) the creation of incentives for advanced practice nursing education.
Why are there so many nursing organizations?A) The nursing profession itself is large, diverse, and complex.
After many years of providing bedside care in a variety of settings, a nurse has become involved in the leadership of the American Nurses Foundation (ANF). In this role, the nurse will be primarily involved inA) supporting nursing research.
Mark became passionate about excellence in nursing education. Now that he has graduated and begun acting as a preceptor for nursing students, he wishes to become politically involved in issues relating to nursing education. What nursing organization should Mark most likely join?D) National League for Nursing (NLN)
The Quality and Affordable Care Act of 2010 addresses a large variety of issues and policies related to the provision of healthcare in the United States. Which of the following situations is most likely to be affected by the provisions of this act?B) A citizen has been falsifying documents and tax returns in order to qualify for Medicare.