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Which of the following statements most accurately describes the practice of medicine in Greece from 800 BC to 300 BC?A) Greek culture stressed natural causes for disease, a patient-centered approach, and the necessity of accurate observations and record keeping.
Florence Nightingale fostered the development of nursing as a profession. What was the basis of her nursing theory?B) The goal of nursing is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him, primarily by altering the environment.
Which one of the following statements accurately describes an element of the process of providing a definition of nursing?D) Nursing theorists developed definitions of nursing consistent with their conceptual frameworks.
A nurse wishes to document nursing actions using a standardized language. Which of the following systems might the nurse use?D) Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)
An RN who practices in a community clinic recognizes the need for a standardized classification and documentation system. Which of the following systems of nursing care classification and documentation would best fit the RN's needs?C) The Omaha System
The number and size of nursing schools in the United States grew significantly in the years of the early 20th century. Which of the following characteristics was emphasized in these schools?D) Religious devotion and subservience to authority
Florence Nightingale is acknowledged as one of the individuals who contributed most significantly to the development of nursing as a profession. What other phenomenon contributed most to this development?D) The high mortality rates that existed during times of war
Nurses have historically had difficulty identifying a single, comprehensive definition of nursing. What factor most accounts for this difficulty in agreeing on a definition for nursing?A) It can be challenging to reconcile the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.
Which of the following statements best conveys a defining characteristic of nursing?C) A holistic perspective on the health of individuals
What characteristic of nursing is among the characteristics that social scientists use to define a profession?B) Nurses use the scientific method to enhance their body of knowledge.
Among the traditions that exist in nursing education is a “passing of the lamp” ceremony that is sometimes conducted during graduation. This ceremony communicatesC) the continuity of care from practicing nurses to newly graduated nurses.
A nurse who provides care on a medical unit at a community hospital is concerned about negative portrayals of nurses in the media. Why should this nurse be concerned with the image of nurses and nursing?A) A negative image of nursing can dissuade potential nurses from entering the profession.
Which of the following factors has most contributed to the limited number of seats available in many nursing programs?C) The high cost to educational institutions of providing nursing education
the nurse has documented a “Risk of Fluid Volume Excess” in light of this common adverse effect of oxytocin. The nurse has demonstrated the use of what nursing classification system?D) NANDA International (NANDA-I)
During the years of the 20th century, there was exponential growth in the number and quality of research studies that were conducted about nurses and nursing. What factor provided the original motivation for these studies?C) The low quality of nursing schools and nursing graduates
Which of the following courses of study would be the most time-efficient choice to meet his educational goals?D) Associate degree in nursing
Which nursing report recommended that nursing education move away from the system of apprenticeship that predominated at the time and move toward a planned program of education similar to that offered by other professions?B) The Brown Report
Which of the following accurately states a major position of the ANA Position Paper on Educational PreparationD) Education for assistants in health service occupations should be short, intensive preservice programs in vocational educational institutions
Sister Calista Roy identified an adaptation model Which of the following identifies an adaptive mode listed in her theory?A) Role function
The nurse in charge of his care hopes to provide holistic nursing care for him based on his response to the interaction between his internal and external environment. This approach represents the model of care proposed by which of the following theoristsD) Myra Levine
Which of the following factors have contributed to the demise of hospital-based diploma programs?B) Increased popularity of college- and university-based nursing programsD) Increased costs to hospitals for maintaining nursing programs
Kirsten is a 22-year-old woman who has just been granted admission to an associate degree program at a local college. During her course of study, Kirsten should expect to completA) the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®).
15-month program of study In order to be granted admission, what will Ben most likely require?B) A baccalaureate degree in another field
Julia has just graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completed far fewer clinical hours than many practicing nurses. Which of the following has the potential to ease Julia's transition to practice?A) Completing a residency or internship at the hospital where she will be employed
According to the ANA Position Paper on Educational Preparation, which of the following four individuals is adequately prepared to provide care?D) A nursing assistant who graduated from the training program at a community college
Nurse. L. provides care in a state that has mandatory continuing education requirements for nurses. What are the consequences of this policy for Nurse L.?D) Nurse L. must demonstrate continuing education for license renewal.
The administrators of a large, university hospital have expressed a commitment to differentiated nursing practice. Which of the following most clearly exemplifies differentiated practice?A) Each nurse performs a role that is commensurate with his or her education and experience level
A nurse manager who oversees the provision of community-based care to a large number of clients has been mandated to implement differentiated care over the next year. In order to carry out this directive, the nurse manager must be able toC) clearly identify the specific roles and tasks that these nurses perform.
Which of the following statements is true of technological change and nursing education?D) The costs of integrating new technology into nursing education can be prohibitive.
The faculty members of a college-based school of nursing have taken action to increase the teaching and clinical time in the curriculum that is devoted to community-based nursing. Which of the following phenomena provides the most valid rationale for this change?C) Patients are typically discharged from the hospital much earlier than in the past.
What is the major advantage of “sunset laws”?B) They guarantee that the legislature will review and evaluate agencies and programs.
A nurse who is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania decides to seek a nursing position in Florida. This nurse would obtain this license by which of the following methods?A) Licensure by endorsement
A nursing board asks the court to stop a nurse from practicing until it investigates allegations that the nurse was providing care while under the influence of alcohol. What is the name of the process that allows this action?C) Injunctive relief
Which of the following is a recommendation of the Institute of Medicine report Health Profession Education: A Bridge to Quality (2003)?B) Revising the processes of accreditation bodies to require outcomes related to core competencies
A nurse administers insulin to a diabetic patient via an insulin pump. Based on the NCLEX® examination, this action would fall under which of the categories of client needs?D) Physiological integrity
A nurse who has provided care in acute settings for several years has begun the process of gaining additional credentials. Which of the following statements best describes credentials?C) Credentials indicate that an individual has met specific criteria and standards.
A license to practice provides the nurse withB) legal permission to practice the nursing profession.
Accreditation of a school of nursing is based primarily on which of the following?C) The findings of an external review committee
Which of the following activities best demonstrates the mandate and jurisdiction of a state board of nursing?D) Establishing the standards that nurses must meet in order to be licensed
A registered nurse who completed her education in the Philippines and who is in the process of immigrating in the United States is attempting to obtain a license to practice in New Jersey, her intended state of residence. In order to obtain a license, the nurse will primarily be in contact withA) the New Jersey Board of Nursing.
hopes to obtain a license through mutual recognition of licensure. Which of the following conditions must be met in order for Amanda to obtain a nursing license in this manner?A) Amanda's home state must be party to the Nurse Licensure Compact. C) Amanda must meet the standards for licensure in the state where she intends to practice. D) The state in which Amanda wishes to practice must belong to the Nurse Licensure Compact.
Under the provisions of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), a nurse who is licensed in Arizona has been practicing for the past year in New Mexico. The nurse is alleged to have become involved in an inappropriate relationship with a patient in New Mexico and grounds for disciplinary action appear to exist. How will the discipline of this nurse most likely proceed?D) The New Mexico Board of Nursing will be unable to change the Arizona licensure status of the nurse.
Nurse T. has been notified by her state board of nursing that a complaint has been lodged regarding her practice. How should Nurse T. best respond to this news?A) Retain the services of an attorney.
The nurse is now interested in pursuing American Nurses Credentialing Center certification as a pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. What factor will primarily determine whether the nurse obtains this ANCC certification?D) The demonstration of knowledge and skills in beyond those required for licensure as an RN
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Health Profession Education: A Bridge to Quality (2003) came to several conclusions around the issues confronting health professions education. Which of the following issues was addressed in the report?A) The tendency of each health discipline to educate and practice independently of the other disciplines
Which organization developed the most definitive statements on the competencies needed by the newly licensed practical nurse (PN) and the RN?A) National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
In what type of healthcare setting are the most RNs currently employed?C) Acute care hospitals
Which of the following statements accurately reflects what employers generally should expect when hiring a newly graduated RN?D) The RN should be able to develop plans of care and follow plans developed by the agency.
Which of the following statements provides good advice for her job quest?D) She should focus her résumé on accomplishments and use active verbs to describe her skills.
Which of the following is a recommended guideline when resigning a position?B) Clearly state the details if you wish to be compensated for any vacation or holiday time accrued.
Which of the following statements best conveys an aspect of the current job market for nurses?C) Job openings in acute care have decreased in many places but long-term care openings continue to grow.
Which of the following tasks is the most important and most frequently performed?B) Applying the principles of infection control and standard precautions
Healthcare institutions expect that nursing graduates will be able to apply their theoretic knowledge for safe client care. Which of the following actions best demonstrates this?B) Responding appropriately to a patient complaining of chest pain
use the nursing process in a systematic way. Which of the following nursing activities best exemplifies this competency?A) The nurse identifies a nursing diagnosis of Impaired Skin Integrity based on an assessment and plans to reposition the patient.
The nurse on the acute medicine unit is a recent graduate and does not have experience in caring for an arterial line. As a result, the nurse is unsure how to safely address this aspect of the patient's care. How should the nurse best respond?C) Enlist the help of a more senior nurse on the unit.
Theresa has decided to focus her nursing career on working with older adults. What action is most likely to help Theresa meet this career goal?D) Working toward certification in gerontological nursing
What is the primary function of a letter of application?A) To introduce the applicant to the employer in a personal way
a nursing student worked with two of her fellow students to plan a health fair that took place in a local community center. How should she best characterize this activity on her résumé?B) “Organized a community health fair.”
the student has responded to a posting at a local hospital that asks for two references. Which of the following individuals would be the best choices for these two references?D) A nursing instructor and the supervisor of the student's latest job
In response to her recent job application, a nurse has been contacted by a member of the hospital's human resources (HR) department in order to schedule an interview. The nurse shouldA) bring several copies of her résumé to the interview.